MPs hailed for conducting Church service in Arua


The MPs together with some of their spouses kneel to receive blessings from Rev. Aziku on Sunday. PHOTO BY ANDREW COHEN AMVESI

Arua | RedPepper Digital – The Members of Parliament (MPs) hailing from the West Nile region were on Sunday commended by the  Christians of St. Philips Church in Arua for conducting mass at the Church – Mr. Cohen Amvesi reports.

The politicians, whom believers least expected at the Altar, surprised many when they conducted all the three services at St. Philips Church.

 The MPs include; Jackson Atima Lee Buti, the Arua Central Division MP who also doubles as the regional Government Whip for the West Nile region, Joel Leku, the Terego West County MP, Ronald Afidra, the Lower Madi County MP and Geoffrey Feta of Ayivu East Division.

“Myself as a Christian of St. Philips Church, I want to say I was very impressed and excited by the way the MPs were able to link with Christians in the Church. This has not been the practice, but when we keep relating with the MPs and they keep coming to the Christians like this, it gives us hope that if we have God-fearing people in the Parliament, we can one day have good policies that are pro-people,” said Fred Bada, a member of the Church.

L-R_ MP Atima, MP Afidra, MP Leku and MP Feta at the Alter of St. Philips Church on Sunday. PHOTO BY ANDREW COHEN AMVESI

“And if they keep coming to Christians like that, it reduces the gap between the MPs and the ordinary people. Probably, through this kind of interaction, they will be able to get the local person and debate in the Parliament in line with what they get in the community. So, I am very excited and my prayer is, let them keep this relationship and keep coming down to the Christians not only in St. Philips Church but other  Churches as well,” Bada added.

At the end of the third service, the MPs were joined by their spouses to receive special blessings from Rev. Albert Aziku, the Vicar of St. Philips Church who prayed for them to continue believing in God.

Aziku surrendered all the challenges lying ahead of the MPs in the course of their work to God, and promised to continue praying for success in their lives.

In his Homily, Afidra appealed to Christians to always work hard, adding that their judgment will be based on the good work they did on the earth.

Meanwhile Atima said the representation he is offering the people of Arua Central Division in Parliament came from God.

“When we were canvassing for votes, I sought God’s intervention in my life. Many candidates were seeking for the intervention of different powers and sometimes, agents come to me that so and so is consulting this power, let us also join and consult but for me, I chose to turn to the Almighty God and indeed God granted my request and that is why, people elected me as their MP,” Atima said.

Rev. Aziku blesses the MPs and their spouses at the end of the third mass on Sunday. PHOTO BY ANDREW COHEN

“So, I feel it was proper to come back and thank God by leading service for this congregation where I was offered the support,” Atima stressed.

On his side, Leku said it was a privilege to lead Church services as MPs of the West Nile region.

“We live for God and we work for God, and our calling and election was because of God. We moved through so many issues in the time of campaigns and elections. As politicians, we do a number of things and here we are, we came to say we politicians are not wrong people,” Leku stated.

He said as MPs, they also believe in God like any other person and serve Him just like the Ugandan Motto says; “For God and My Country.”

“It is good that we have started prayers, now let people turn to God in terms of joy and sorrow. Churches are agents of change and ambassadors of wealth creation. Over time and again I have said we should give time to tell the congregation about wealth creation, poverty and how to live our lives well. This is upon us the political leaders, the Cultural leaders and the Church leaders to change the society we live in,” Leku advised

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