Mulago Medical Reports Show Kazinda Fit To Stand Trial

Kazinda was sentenced to five years in prison for abuse of office

Whereas media reports indicate that interdicted principle accountant Godfrey Kazinda in the office of the Prime Minister is suffering from depression and not fit to stand for trial. The new medical report from Mulago referral hospital carried out by Dr. Nakwagala Fredrick Nelson disputes the earlier reports from Luziira hospital done by Mr. Alex Kakoraki the medical officer.

The report shows that Dr. Nakwagala carried out a thorough diagnosis on the health of Kazinda which we obtained exclusively found that he is fit to stand trial in Court to answer 29 counts of pillaging the OPM to tatters.

The reports reads that, the above named is a 43 year old male Ugandan referred from Murchison Bay Hospital to Mulago hospital to establish whether his recent health issues were caused by severe depression. While at the hospital he was noted to express fear for his life and have fixed gaze.

Interestingly, the report contrasts Kakoraki’s findings, raising fears of plans to save Kazinda from Luziira Prison. Dr. Nakwagala’s findings show that in the central nervous system, he (Kazinda) was fully conscious and able to give a full history by himself, adding that he had no abnormal movements or posturing.

The report says that “Kazinda was able to walk unsupported with a normal gait and no focal neurological weaknesses or findings were noted”.

Kazinda had claimed being on only Losartan for his hypertension and with poor adherence and not able to feed on food supplied due to reasons of palatability.

He also reported feeling heartburn as a continuation of symptoms he had earlier on. But the reports rubbishes this saying that he had no recent history of fever, no cough, no diarrhea, no vomiting, no headache and no loss of consciousness, no yellow of eyes, no classic diabetes symptoms and no convulsions.

Dr Nakwagala found that the money bags Kazinda has no psychotic symptoms particularly no paranoid delusions, no mood changes, no violent behavior and he has good insight of his illness. While Kazinda noted that he feels weak, sometimes dizzy and may fail to walk unsupported, on physical examination he was found to be obese with buffalo hump but no strain.

The reports indicates that, “he was a febrile, no pallor, no jaundice and lympadenopathy. He had no peripheral o edema. He was well hydrated”. Psychiatric review showed a normally appearing gentleman with a flat affect, Nakwagala notes, Kazinda’s perception was normal with no delusions, no paranoia, no hallucinations (visual and auditory).

He was not agitated and had no suicidal tendency. Kazinda’s insight in his current illness was good and appropriate, says Nakwagala, his judgment was normal and able to recognize that imprisonment had affected his adherence to treatment of his hypertension.

“He had no in congruent behavior. His cognition was normal. His long and short term memories were intact,” the doctor observed. Per abdomen Kazinda had tenderness in the epigastrium. And his chest exam was normal and had no goiter in the neck, as reported by the media.

Reported By Nicholas Mwesigwa

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  1. Very unlikely. It could be the science to cause panic when cornered. Im sure they have to scheme up some thing to divert attention. Be ware dear Citizens!

  2. Since Dr. Nakwagala investigations contradics Dr. Kakoraki’s findings, then Dr. kakoraki of Prison Hospital must also be investigated for falsifying medical report in order to jeopardize judicial process, and so do prisons authorities. and his act is itself very criminal and is itself a corruption case, hand him over to DPP

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