Nambooze Predicts Mamelito’s Death

Hon. Nambooze Bakileke


The MP of Mukono Municipality, Hon Betty Nambooze Bakireke turned the burial of William Katumba, the proprietor of Jobiah Hotel into a comedy show when she predicted the death of Mamelito Mugerwa, the mayor of Kireka by insinuating that he might be next since nobody knows when their time will come.

Hon. Nambooze Bakileke
Hon. Nambooze Bakileke

“There is a possibility that Mamelito Mugerwa could be the next to die therefore no one is safe, any time from now we could here that one of us has also died. Lets live our lives following the example of Katumba because he was always very considerate and generous,” Nambooze said.

She also said that such accidents like the one Katumba happen because police has failed to know their priorities.

“Police should stop wasting money and resources on teargas and try to find a way of controlling fatal accidents like the one Katumba died in. They have brought all kinds of teargas and in different colours, green for DP, red for UPC and soon they could introduce yellow for NRM,” Nambooze told an excited crowd.

The Mayor of Kira Town Council, Mamelito Mugerwa also stressed the fact that police isn’t working hard enough to see such accidents avoided especially along the Jinja road.

He asked police to equip their men with machines to use in case of an accident because it’s embarrassing that it’s the residents who had to come up with pangas and machetes to cut the body out of the car as the police looked on.

Minister for Water, Hon Ronald Kibuule also expressed his heartfelt condolences towards the bereaved family and urged the family to stay united because if Katumba was the one dividing them then they should reconcile and concentrate on moving forward.

Ian Katumba who talked on behalf of the children said that Katumba always loved education and before he died, he had acquired an A level certificate and was about to join university although he wasn’t able to fulfill his greatest dream.

“He always asked about our education and wanted to find out how we were faring in school and because of this love he went back to school and was going to pursue a course in entrepreneurship at Uganda Christian University although all this wasn’t able to come to pass due to his untimely death,” Ian Katumba said.

Rev. Melewooma Serwanja of St Stephens Church of Uganda cautioned leaders especially the rich on being arrogant and unsocial.

He encouraged them to take up Katumba’s example since he was a very social man who loved his people and the church.

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