Nebanda Succumbed To Drug Overdose – M7 Insists


President Yoweri Museveni arrived in Butaleja on Friday
President Yoweri Museveni arrived in Butaleja on Friday

President Yoweri Museveni has reassured NRM supporters in Butaleja that government didn’t have have any role in the death of Cerinah Nebanda, the former district Woman MP.

Addressing NRM supporters in a reconciliation meeting on Friday evening at Butaleja district headquarters, Museveni said his government has never thought of killing its political enemies.

Museveni insisted in the meeting that was attended by some of members of the Nebanda’s family including her Grandfather that Nebanda died of a drug overdose which was confirmed by the pathology report.

He said there are very many people NRM government considers serious heavy weight opponents that they would have eliminated long ago, but government but they are still alive.

He cited former Presidents Milton Obote and Iddi Amin Dada among others who he accused of committing gross atrocities including murdering innocent Ugandans.

Museveni who is also NRM chairperson, pleaded with the NRM supporters to explain government’s position on Nebanda’s death to the residents. He pledged to ensure that government takes over all the projects that late Nebanda left the incomplete.

He cited the construction and rehabilitation of roads like Nambumali-Nambutumba road, Buwesa road, Nagogongera road, Busolwe-Mulagi roads among others. Others are rehabilitation of Busolwe Hospital, construction of Butumba Secondary school, highland primary school in Nawuyo sub county and construction of a secondary school on a piece of land he said he was told was bought for the same purpose by late Nebanda in Himutu sub county.

Museveni also pleaded for support for Florence Nebanda Andiru, the NRM candidate for the Butaleja district woman MP by-election.

Florence Nebanda Andiru is a sister to the late MP. He said Andiru has been in the United Kingdom carrying on with the NRM work adding that she has been a long time NRM mobilizer oversea.

The death of Nebanda on Friday 14th December 2012 split NRM members in the district with the majority pointing accusing fingers at the NRM government for masterminding the death of the young legislator.

A number of NRM supporters threatened to defect from the party, unless government gives them a satisfactory explanation about her death. Friday’s meeting was convened to reconcile the NRM supporters and also give government’s position on Nebanda’s death.

Museveni also used the meeting to reconcile Dorothy Hyuha’s supporters with those of Emmanuel Dombo, the Bunyole county MP.

There has been long time rivalry between the two groups. The rivalry stemmed from the 2011 election in which Cerinah Nebanda defeated Hyuha who was then Minister without Portfolio and NRM deputy secretary general.

Hyuha is now Uganda’s Ambassador to Tanzania. Since then, Dombo who supported Nebanda had not seen eye to eye with Hyuha until last even when they hugged as a sign or reconciliation and promised to work together for the good of NRM.

However, one of the local leaders who attended the re-conciliatory meeting told the media on condition of anonymity Saturday that many of them are not satisfied with Museveni’s explanation on Nebanda’s death.

He says that they are still reluctant to support and campaign for the NRM party for the February 11th by-election. Andiru faces four other candidates. They are Felistas Namwihiri, the FDC candidate, Betty Hamba, Sarah Annet Logose, and Munaba Perusi all independents.

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  1. M7 pledged to ensure that government takes over all the projects that late Nebanda left incomplete, such as the construction and rehabilitation of roads and schools. I think this is just hot air intended to convince Butaleja people to boost the support of NRM candidate. The work of the government is to ensure that services are efectively delivered to the people irrespective of their political affliations. Districts which are dominated by the opposition are deliveloping very fast than those dominated by NRM representatives. Butaleja people should not base their votes on empty promises but rather mind to elect a candidate who will not fall prey to NRM mafias like Nebanda.

  2. If the people of Butaleja vote NRM then there is something wrong with some people’s brain. This is a test for the opposition. People of Butaleja show us what you are made of or tell us you ae empty headed bunch.

  3. Since he is talking about the topic of evidence relating to killing or not killing of SERIOUS HEAVYWIEGHT OPPONENTS, can he throw in an explanation regarding report on Kayiira’s murder?

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