Nebanda’s Former Boyfriend Adam Kalungi Arrested

Kalungi Adam, one of the suspects after his arrest

Adam Kalungi was arrested in Mombasa
Adam Kalungi was arrested in Mombasa

Adam Suleiman Kalungi, the former lover of deceased Butaleja Woman Member of Parliament Cerinah Nebanda has this Friday morning been arrested in Mombasa, Kenya by authorities there and handed over to the Uganda Police at Malaba border post in eastern Uganda.

Deputy Police Spokesperson Vincent Sekatte confirmed this development while appearing on Capital Radio saying “Kalungi is now in Police custody after he was handed over by Kenyan authorities”.

Sekatte praised the efforts of the Kenyan authorities in apprehending Adam Kalungi

Kalungi made the list of most wanted Ugandans in connection with the death of the legislator and his alleged involvement in a drug syndicate that is said to be operating in the east and central African region.

The Uganda Police also engage the international Police to help in tracking down Kalungi.

Cerinah Nebanda passed away on December 14 at Mukwaya General Clinic in Kampala, a death that has since been shrouded in controversy.

During her funeral in Butaleja, some of her colleagues according to Police allegedly made statements intended to incite violence when they refuted the autopsy report into the former legislator’s death.

The report found that drugs such as cocaine, alcohol and heroin were present in the late MP’s body samples.

Kinkizi West MP Chris Baryomunsi and Kampala Central lawmaker Mohammed Nsereko were both arrested on boxing day last year and charged with inciting violence.

Her death has set into motion what promises to be a political showdown between the legislature and the executive with a group of Parliamentarians collecting signatures seeking a recall of the house from recess to discuss the controversy surrounding the former’s death.

The MPs who have since surpassed the constitutional requirement of 125 signatures to call a special sitting are also concerned about the arrest of their colleagues saying it is an attack on the integrity of the august house.

The arrest of Adam Kalungi will come as good news to the Ugandan authorities who have been laboring to explain the death of the legislator who it is alleged was delivered to the clinic by the former on the fateful day.

Born in the late 1970’s, Adam Kalungi went to St. James and Main Street Primary schools in the early 1980’s and later joined Jinja Secondary School, where he sat his Senior Four. Little is known about his life after senior four.

Col. Mohammed Suleiman, his 82-year-old father is a former soldier in Idi Amin’s army. He operated several buses and also owned property in Jinja.


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2 thoughts on “Nebanda’s Former Boyfriend Adam Kalungi Arrested

  1. The arrest of Kalungi is good news. However, in my opinion, this story is fake and another fabrication by the Uganda Police. It is not possible to arrest a person wanted by Interpol in Mombasa by Kenya Police and to hand him within minutes to Uganda Police at Malaba. Only idiots and fools that president Museveni talked about can believe this story.

    The normal proceedure is to arrest a wanted suspect, positively identify him, arraign him in a local court of law in the country he is arrested. In this case, Uganda Police should have been invited to positively identify the suspect and apply to Kenya government to extradite him to Uganda. The suspect has a right to legal representation and to challenge the extradition request if he fears that he will be tortured or eliminated in Uganda. The process getting a suspect extradited can not simply be done in one night. A deportation order is only issued by a court of law.

    This circus shows that Uganda Police has all along been keeping Kalungi. Perhaps they drove him from Kampala to Malaba and returned to issue the statement of his arrest. This is after gareeing with Kalungi to accept dealing in drugs.

    To prove my point, i would like to challenge Uganda Police to provide information and reference number recorded at the Police station that arrested Kalungi in Mombasa.

    All extradited or deported persons must be recorded at exit and arrival frontier points. Did Kalungi fill a departure Declration card at Malaba in Kenya? Let Uganda disclose the names of the Kenyan Police officers that handed Kalungi to Uganda. I bet they will lose their jobs.

    The problem in Uganda is that military gooms are the ones in police uniform. None of them is able to construct a defendable lie.


    1. As you have ably noted there is nothing serious about all these Kalungi. He is just a mere cover up. Noted what he stated in his speech on the media yesterday? All framed up.

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