New Rebel Group Secrets Emerge

Army Spokesman Lt. Col Paddy Ankunda.

Ugandan Security has unearthed secrets about new rebel groups, Red Pepper Online exclusively reports.

One of the groups is called United Democratic Uganda (UDU) and has already put up deadly cells in Uganda.

According to a leaked security report, UDU is headed by a one, Mubiru Musoke and Ismail a.k.a Snu.

“They agreed to open up different training camps, we cannot divulge them at the moment, it would be saying too much,” a source within security informed us.

Highly placed security sources told us that numerous meetings have been going on in Los Angeles, California under the auspices of Musoke.

With the purpose of rallying Ugandans from the Diaspora to support the armed struggle against what has been called the dictatorship of President Museveni, the clandestine meetings have shockingly attracted people from as far as Europe and Canada.

Uganda government spokesman Ofwono Opondo said they are aware of numerous groups that are using Congo to destabilize Uganda.
Uganda government spokesman Ofwono Opondo said they are aware of numerous groups that are using Congo to destabilize Uganda.

According to the intelligence leak, the rebel hierarchy is dominated by Baganda who say they have been sidelined from holding the First office (State House).

“The rebel outfit is dominated by Baganda from the Diaspora,” the report says

Spy agents friendly to us say they gathered that money had been wired to one of the country’s contact to start recruiting mainly Baganda youth to oust Museveni.

Indeed, Airport security has confiscated leaflets which propagate the role of the new rebel group and why Ugandans should join them.

Some of the leaflets had however slipped out of the airport and found their way to one of the contacts in Kayunga. It is in Kayunga where the coordinating cell of UDU had started operating with massive support from mainly the unemployed youth.

“They had a number of youths they had confused, although we have not arrested them, we are trailing their activities. Should they show signs of making any organised move, we will move in,” a source within the military informed us on condition that he is not named given the seriousness of the matter.

Multiple security sources confirmed to us last night that the clandestine Uganda meetings have been coordinated by Snu, who operates from Kayunga.

Snu whose other name we couldn’t easily identify sneaked into the country after getting briefed by his California based command.

His task was to establish a command post and mobilize fighters. However, as fate would have it, Snu’s activities were intercepted by security and he fled.

According to recordings which are in the hands of intelligence, Snu had gathered close to thirty energetic youth he was preaching the gospel of overthrowing Museveni.

A source privy to the operation of UDU revealed that the group in Kayunga had plotted to attack the police station of Kangulumila and get guns.

This assault on the police station would secure the rebel force with guns which are in hundreds.

Preparatory meetings, the security report indicates were held in Kitimbwa, a sparsely populated village of Kayunga.

When security got the lead of an eminent attack, they sealed off the ‘war room’. However, the leader Snu fled.

At the scene of crime, security secured numerous leaflets which were encouraging people to join a people’s struggle against bad leadership.

We have exclusively learnt that Snu stealthily left the country using the Malaba border without being detected by external and Internal security deployed there.

Insiders say Snu has been closely working with NRM veterans who are languishing in Kayunga.

The Veterans, a source says, would act as trainers of the fresh youth in return for hefty payments and participate in the overthrow of the very government they helped come into power.

When contacted for comment, the UPDF spokesperson Col. Paddy Ankunda said he hadn’t been briefed by the chieftaincy of Military Intelligence (CMI).

“Let me try to get to CMI and will definitely get back to you,” Ankunda said.

However by press time the Army mouthpiece hadn’t given us a response.

Last, week we reported that three new rebel groups have teamed up in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) to fight President Yoweri Museveni.

Our highly placed intelligence sources identified the forces as the Freedom and Unity Front (FUF), Uganda National Revolutionary Front (UNRF) and Patriotic Forces for the Liberation of Uganda (PFLU).

FUF was formed a few days ago by Ugandans in daspora headed by Vincent Magombe while DFLU is said to be dominated by men linked to a Ugandan general who recently fled into exile.

Freedom and Unity Front came into existence after Free Uganda (FU), Citizens in the Defence of the Constitution (CDC), and several other organisations and individuals came together to unite under the umbrella of a new political organisation, now known as Freedom and Unity Front (FUF), according to Magombe, the group’s spokesperson.

“The various organizations and individuals, who have constituted themselves into FUF, came together conscious of the recent history of our country. That history tells us that our people have experienced both social peace and prosperity and massive violations of human rights under different regimes since independence.”

When contacted for comment, government spokesperson Ofwono Opondo said they are aware of numerous groups that are using Congo to destabilize Uganda.

He said it is the reason that the government is engaging United Nations Organization Stabilization Mission in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (MONUSCO) to build capacity to fight them.

“We are engaging MONUSCO to build capacity to defeat the rebels or they voluntarily surrender, if it fails more appropriate measures will be taken,” Opondo said.

Probed to explain what he termed as more appropriate measures, the government mouthpiece declined saying it was obvious in the way government handles dissent.

According to the intelligence sources, UNRF has been operating in Central Uganda but has now retreated to Ituri forest of DRC to merge with the other forces and put up a formidable resistance against the government.

“All the three forces are already in DRC and it’s like they have formed an alliance,” the source said.

This information about the merger, according to intelligence was revealed by some of the suspects who were arrested in connection with the operations of the rebel groups in Central Uganda.

The groups are believed to have recruited tens of thousands of Ugandans especially former combatants in the UPDF.

The outfit, security believes may pose a security threat along the western border, an area where international companies are preparing to produce oil.

Intelligence believes the new forces want to team up with the hard-line Allied Democratic Forces (ADF) already in DRC and cripple the oil industry in the Albertine region.

Uganda discovered commercial hydrocarbon deposits in the Albertine Rift basin on the border with Congo in 2006.

British exploration firm Tullow Oil and CNOOC have found up to 2 billion barrels of oil in the area.

In the late 1990s, the Allied Democratic Forces (ADF) waged an insurgency from its bases in the Rwenzori Mountains and across the frontier in the eastern Democratic Republic of Congo jungle. At its peak, it was blamed for a series of deadly blasts in the capital Kampala.

A government offensive that ended in 2001 killed many of ADF’s top commanders, quelled the uprising and pushed its remnants deeper into eastern Congo.

“ADF was never annihilated and we have intelligence reports that show these elements are once again regrouping, however for now we’re still monitoring their activities,” a senior Ugandan intelligence official told this newspaper last night.

ADF originally fought to establish an Islamic state in Uganda and Intelligence says they continue to recruit young extremist Muslims.

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  1. Museveni has created these problems for himself . It all started during the Kony war . Commanders were allowed to freely plunder and get corrupt with impunity . Every soldier wanted to be deployed in the north because that was where the money was. When UPDF was sent into Congo , army officers got rich by selling timber , minerals and food. Foot soldiers got women and lived like Congo was a disco . Then came Somalia. Every soldiers wants to be sent to Somalia , and now we know why. Whithout Kony war , Congo invasion , Somalia deployment, these soldiers become idle ; idle poor soldiers usually become “free agents”. These are going to cause Museveni more problems than any rebel group . Museveni has made a bad situation by “tribalizing” the army. Those in the middle or buttom ranks do not feel that they are respected by the army leadership. Needless to say that original NRa soldiers don`t care any more.

  2. uganda is alied to US any war comes will end up like libya NATO is on alart any move the rebles will take they will support then in all needz so m7 be ready to run fire ios coming

  3. is kafero who is going to free uganda we are all surporting him is our new president we are tied of m7 regim people are suffering instead of helping them the mps are debating minskirt wat country

  4. It’s is called political syndicate, am almost certain that the current regime is behind the claimed rebel group to come out with a divide and rule strategy as M7 is good at ruling a destabilised nation than a peaceful one.

  5. Halleluya: We need change and we need it now. M7 must go and go quickly and any group that comes out to chase him out Uganda must be supported. Dr Kafeero and those of you who have embarked on this great cause should press the gas pedal harder and save our country ASAP.

  6. hope this is not a ploy to cripple the economy by way of creating fear among the people in the diaspora to stop the remittances…

  7. a protracted war which was fought by NRA in luweero is quite different with the convention war, while the first is fought by people on the ground by them, within their areas, the other is an invasion from out side the country and will have even a front line
    therefore i don’t know how such a foolish campaign can be waged today to attack a disciplined army like that of Uganda with its majority support of its citizens, unless The US is to support them with no flying zones, its practically a fools dream today to think of such a Gamble

  8. Yes Thanks to everyonethat has participated in this discussion however as it said that the President has a big role to play in otherwards , its the source of all this sagga Forexample the soldiers escaping from the Army is as a result of low payments and practice of “ANI AKUMANYI” though all this is taking place we as Ugandans should stop and look back to the after effects of war and decide to make agood descision .LET US NOT GET BACK TO THE BUSH BECOUSE WE DONT BELONG THERE.

  9. as long as u’re strong……..emerge…for me this is a positive check….afterall who has not gone 2 the bush……..we need serious blood sheds to save our country from thieves……………congs

  10. Uhmmmmmm…. creating imaginary enemies is a known political game. You re-read your animal firm. Jones and Napoleon were scarecrows. Check also Machiavelli on
    Philopoemen, Prince of the Achaeans, …”in time of peace he never had anything in his mind but the rules of war; and when he was in the country with friends, he often stopped and reasoned with them: “If the enemy should be upon that hill, and we should find ourselves here with our army, with whom would be the advantage? How should one best advance to meet him, keeping the ranks?” So creating imaginary enemies ….!!!!!

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