NRM Caucus Resolves to Block Candidates from Contesting as Independents after Losing Primaries

The National Resistance Movement has reached a deal with independent MPs that once they switch sides and contest in party primaries and lose, they shouldn’t run as independents.



Evelyn Anite, the NRM caucus spokesperson says the decision was reached during the debate on the proposed constitutional amendments tabled by Independent legislators who wish to participate in party primaries.

She explained that during the debate, the 35 leaning NRM Independent MPs defended explained why they contested as independents in the previous elections.

She says that much of the issues presented by the independent legislators were internal weaknesses in past primaries.

Anite says have resolved to push for the constitutional amendments to allow the independents switch sides towards the end of their term to contest in primaries.

She says Justine Lumumba Kasule, the NRM secretary has committed to ensure free and fair polls adding that, their intention is to secure as many seats as possible.

In their proposal, the independents want Article (1) (h) of the Constitution amended to allow them switch sides a year to the end of their term so as to participate in party primaries.

Jacob Oboth Oboth, the West Budama South MP and Budama West counterpart Fox Odoi tabled the proposal before the cause on Friday last week.

Article 83 (1) (h) of the Constitution states that a Member of Parliament shall vacate his or her seat in Parliament if, having been elected to Parliament as an independent candidate, that person joins a political party. Justine Kasule Lumumba, NRM Secretary General has defended the proposal.

Jacob Oboth Oboth, the West Budama South MP says their participation in the caucus was a huge success since all their proposals were adopted

The NRM is scheduled to conduct party primaries on August 15th 2015.

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