NRM Delegates Chant Money Slogans

Some NRM members asked President Museveni to give them money during the delegates conference


There was drama at the National Resistance Movement-NRM national delegate’s conference at Namboole stadium on Monday when some of the delegates starting pestering the president for money.

Some NRM members asked President Museveni to give them money during the delegates conference
Some NRM members asked President Museveni to give them money during the delegates conference


It all started after President Yoweri Museveni, who is also the NRM national chairperson stepped on the podium and greeted the delegates in Acholi.

Some of the delegates who were chanting no change in the tent reserved for historicals, promoters and members of the National Executive committee switched to Mzee Tuwe sente, which literal means give us money.

However, the delegates were silenced by their colleagues who were seated in the tent reserved for Municipality mayors who chanted “No Change, No change”.

The chants for money didn’t go unnoticed by president Museveni. In his speech he warned that the delegates on commercializing politics saying it will break them down.

The NRM national delegates conference, which ended late evening approved a proposal mandating the party chairperson to appoint the party Secretary General.

In a twitter message last evening, Ofwono Opondo, the Deputy NRM Spokesperson claimed that the proposal was overwhelmingly supported by the delegates.

He said that, the delegates also resolved to cut short the term of Amama Mbabazi, the incumbent NRM secretary general, Treasurer and their deputies.

According to Ofwono, the motion to grant the party head powers to appoint the Secretary General was moved by Adolf Mwesige, the Local government minister and was seconded by Justice and Constitutional Affairs Minister general Kahinda Otafire.

Otafire is quoted to have said that Uganda is not short of leaders adding that, egoistic leaders who serve self-interest must be removed.

The delegates also approved a proposal to eliminate the Secretary General, National Treasurer and their deputies from the National Executive Committee-NEC and Central Executive Committee-CEC.

CEC will now consist of the National Chairperson, his first and second Vice Chairperson, and Six Vice Chairpersons representing the Regions of East, Central, North, West, Kampala and Karamoja.

Other members include the Chairperson of the NRM Parliamentary Caucus; all Chairpersons of the National Special League Committees, Chairpersons of Commissions and five eminent persons elected by NEC from a list of persons nominated by the National Chairperson.

The delegates also approved a proposal to delete the NRM National Secretariat, which was provided for under Article 10 (1) of the NRM Constitution. Article 8 (3) of the NRM Constitution has also been deleted.

This provided for the Branch Executive Committee mandated with the registration of members and issuance of membership cards to any person who wants to become NRM party member.

It is now provided under Article 16 (7) (k) that states that, the issuance of membership cards to all NRM members will be by the National Secretariat under the direction of the Secretary General.

Ofwono Opondo said Museveni thanked delegates for endorsing the constitutional amendments saying that it was now easy to sack those who don’t perform.

Muhammad Ndawula, a member of the Kampala NRM Elders League said the amendments were made for the betterment of the party since they will address the problem of power struggles. But Mahad, the Rubaga Youth NRM chairperson described the developments as drama.

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