NTV’s Rachael accused of snatching Friend’s man


This desk has learnt that NTV news anchor Arinaitwe Rachael is being accused of snatching her friend’s husband who is the MD of  power FM Ben Mwine.

Rachael snatched Ben from her friend linda Linda who bares a kid with ben and the two have been together for a good time.

The couple has been dating secretly behind linda’s  friend and to her shock, she learnt that the two are set to introduce mid next month.

As you read this, Preparations for Rachael and Ben’s introduction are on and it has reached its final stage.

Ben is said to have neglected the other woman, to the extent that they were planning to get introduced behind her back.

Linda and Rachael have been tight friends for so long.


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  1. what goes round comes round just look at them I Know it hurts but pray to GOD yo man will come. Never loose hope.

  2. gals ur really nagging am jst imagining how that serious face she wears on my screen can do dat infact she shd go to hell

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