Nwagi Warned About Pregnancy

Nwagi Warned About Pregnancy

By Our Snoops

Bosses of Swangz Avenue, a Muyenga based record label to which singer Winnie Nwagi is signed, have warned her to desist from getting pregnant very soon, because it may cut short her music career.

Our Snoops at Swangz intimate that the warning came after her bosses seeing Nwagi, a mother of one, frolicking around town with her lover identified as Joshua Rukundo.

According to Snoops, Swangz Avenue bosses are worried that Rukundo may plant a Seed into Nwagi and if it germinates, it means she will stay off the music scene for a long time, which won’t be good for her music career at all.

She has since been advised to ensure that contraceptives are not far from her whenever Rukundo shows up at her apartment in Naguru.

Nwagi and Rukundo have been banging themselves behind the scenes for a very long time until recently when she decided to make their affair public.

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