Only Guns Can Remove Museveni— Sejusa

Sejusa arriving at SDP

Former Government Chief spy and coordinator of intelligence organizations in Uganda, Gen. David Munungu Sejusa has blasted major political opposition parties that sat at Hotel Africana in Kampala last week and signed a document that allows them to operate under a form of alliance to remove President Museveni from power in the 2016 saying, their approach is intending to confuse the populace and remove emphasis from building capacity to resist dictatorship to electioneering.

Sejusa arriving at SDP
Sejusa arriving at SDP

Speaking to hundreds of Social Democratic Party (SDP) National Council members during their delegates conference in Kawolo – Lugazi on last week, Gen. Sejusa who was hosted by Hon. Michael Sseninde Mabikke, the part President, said this Democratic Alliance formed by some opposition parties is a wrong approach because it may be interpreted as a move to divide opposition forces because the dictator shall allow some opposition members to win in the sham elections.

“Any political alliance must be deemed good for Ugandans after critically studying and understanding their objectives and goals. Setting up an alliance for political parties with an intension of going into President Museveni’s elections with one voice, that alliance is fake and dangerous to Ugandans. This has a big danger of dividing us so that those who have ‘won’ defend their turf,” said the Four star General.

Accompanied by former senior presidential adviser Al hajji Nasser Ntege Ssebaggala who recently resigned accusing president Museveni for failing to weed out corruption in the country and introduce rule of law and constitutionalism, Gen. Tinye said, his PRU/FU believes in the essence that Mr. Museveni should leave power before 2016 because he no longer has something new to deliver and if the president becomes defiant, they will use formidable force to uproot him.

“Democratic Alliance cannot remove Museveni. We don’t see them give Ugandans options. In 1980, Mr. Museveni warned Dr. Obote’s government that if they dare steal votes, he was ready to go to the bushes and indeed, he did. What do our brothers in opposition have as an option? Ugandans want something fresh, they don’t have it,” said Sejusa.

He told SDP supporters that, “Any alliance must be for forcing the regime to bring reforms or if there are no reforms, organize the population to stop any sham election.  As PRU/FU, we will not go into any alliance whose objectives are not clear. We stand for resolutely resisting Museveni until he is defeated.”

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Sejusa said, “It is not that the opposition can’t win, they can but can’t get power peacefully from Museveni. I said it before and can repeat it again before you; Dr. Kizza Besigye won 2006 general elections but never usurped power. So the question is, what is the new strategy put by the founders of this alliance which will convince our hopeless people?”

About such an alliance, Sejusa reminded opposition politicians that this is not new.

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