Oulanyah Feared HIV Tests — Wife

The archbishop of church of Uganda Rt. Rev Stanley Ntagali has given up on the marriage of deputy Speaker Jacob Oulanyah and his wife Lady Winnie Amoo Oulanyah after the two had failed to reach an understanding.


Oulanyah filed for divorce in the High Court of Uganda Family Division) August 22 July through M/s Lex Uganda Advocates and Solicitors claiming his wife had mistreated his three children from the first marriage.

He also claims that his wife left his children to cook for themselves and that she had denied him bonking sessions since February 2015.

Ntagali who was main celebrant while tying the knot in January 2013 at Munyonyo offered himself as the church of Uganda head  to mediate between the warring couple but his efforts have fielded nothing as the wife has gone ahead to sign the divorce papers.

Talking to Winnie all the way from California revealed that she was fed up with Oulanyah and she could not take Ntagali’s advice anymore as she had seen it all with the deputy speaker over his insatiable appetite for sex with every skirt which crossed his way.

“It is good that the Arch Bishop took his imitative to unite us back but it was too little too late for me to go back to marriage. Am currently here focused with work and regaining myself scot free from Oulanyah stress and misdeed,” she said

The mother of two children denied all the allegations that she denied deputy speaker conjugal rights for two years and nine months of marriage saying that she had seen it all.

She had seen all Oulanyah women that she was sleeping with.

“After releasing what he was, I decided that before we sleep together we should go for medical check-up because I never wanted to contract what could be HIV but he refused to go. That’s where I told him to forget me until we have medical check-up which he refused up to now you can go and ask him,” she revealed

Winnie went on say that all the divorce papers that were sent to her by Lex Advocates which she had halted after the intervention of Arch Bishop Ntagali have been signed.

She says she is accepting all accepting fully divorce so that she can be left free to enjoy her new life without any complaint from Oulanyah.

She said that she had accepted to come back and stay in Kampala but after seeing the way Oulanyah was living a reckless life with different women every time he travelled, she changed her mind to stay in California, where she is a citizen and earning good money.

This was Olulanyah’s second official wife after losing Dorothy Nangwale Oulanyah, a distinguished child rights activist who died in August 2009.

She died of cardiac arrest at Mulago Hospital and survived by three children

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