Oulanyah Under Attack For Suspending Mps

Deputy Speaker of Parliament Jacob Oulanyah

Deputy Speaker of parliament  Hon Jacob Oulanya
Deputy Speaker of parliament Hon Jacob Oulanya

A group of opposition MPs led by Kasese Woman MP Winfred kiiza have today August 2, filed a petition instructing the Speaker of parliament Hon Rebecca Kadagga  to quash the decision of suspending three lawmakers from the house.

Deputy speaker of parliament Hon. Jacob Oulanyah yesterday august 1, suspended Hon Odonga Otto (Aruu county), Hon Theodore Ssekikuubo (Lwemiyaga county) and Hon Semujju Nganda (Kyadondo East) for three meetings over misconduct.

It is believed that these MPs behaved in a chaotic way which disrupted the parliament’s proceedings.

Aruu County MP Hon. Odonga Otto ripped the register into pieces that was going to be used while voting to pass the Public order management bill that has remained a matter of controversy among the lawmakers.

The petition headlined “Conduct of the Deputy Speaker” is based on how he managed Thursday’s proceedings of the House in and in particular, the Public Order Management Bill debate that ended with chaotic scenes.

The petition which was signed by 24 members was handed over to the Speaker’s Secretary Judith Awol who represented the Speaker who is apparently out of the country.

In the petition, MPs noted that Deputy Speaker Oulanyah disregarded their protest even when over 30 of them stood up against his decision of voting on the bill without recommitting the contentious Clause 8 of the bill.

Clause 8 provides for the authorised officer to notify the organiser of a public meeting, where it is not possible to hold the proposed meeting.

The clause 8 of the bill reads;

Clause 8 Notification by authorised officer

(1) Upon receipt of a notice under section 7, where it is not possible to hold the proposed public meeting, for the reason that-

( a) notice of another public meeting, on the .date, at the time and at the venue proposed has already been received by the authorised officer; or

(b) the venue is considered unsuitable , for the purposes of crowd and traffic control or will interfere with other lawful business; or

(c) for any other reasonable cause,

·the authorised officer shall in writing within forty eight hours after receipt of the notice notify the organiser or his or her agent that it is not possible to hold the proposed public meeting and the notice shall be delivered to the organiser’s address as stated in the notice of intention to hold the public meeting

(2) Upon receipt of notification by the authorised officer, the organiser or his or her agent shall be invited to identify an alternative and acceptable venue or to reschedule the public meeting to another date or venue.

(3) Where the authorised officer notifies the organiser or his or her agent of a public meeting that it is not possible to hold the proposed public meeting on the date or venue proposed, the public meeting, shall not be held on that date or at the venue proposed.

 ( 4) A person kggrieved by the decision of an authorised officer other than the Inspector General of Police under this section may, within fourteen days after receipt of the notice under subsection ( 1) appeal to the Inspector General of Police.

( 5) A person aggrieved by the decision of the Inspector General of Police may, within thirty days appeal to the High Court.

The petitioners further noted that the Deputy Speaker failed to observe rule 7 (2) of Parliament’s Rules of Procedure, the outright bias demonstrated through direct participation during the proceedings which they say was in violation of Rule 68. Rule 7 (2) provides that the Speaker shall preserve order and decorum in the House and shall decide questions of order and practice, Rule 68 provides that the Speaker shall not take part in any debate before the House, but may give guidance to the House on any matter before it.

The house was adjourned to Tuesday next week.

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6 thoughts on “Oulanyah Under Attack For Suspending Mps

  1. Mt Oulanya stand your ground. This “goonish” behaviour should not be allowed in the house.

    1. He can stand his ground all he wants but if the Speaker reverses his decision, then he may as well be swallowed by that same ground you’re talkin about.

  2. Whatever is moved must be moved by the other.Oulanya pushed a bad law to be accepted in Uganda which caused chaos in Parliament.The Mover of the confusion is to blame and cause him to loose Job as Deputy Speaker.

  3. The petition is mis conceived and will not succeed, how do they expect Kadaga to quash such an obvious decision. Remember when Otto Broke a door of parliament in order to access a meeting by force, such conduct speaks volumes of the xters of some of these backward en primitive MPs. Besides, Kadaga is in the habit of leaving all contentious issues to her deputy probably to spoil his name. She never takes charge of such matters to keep clean at the expense of Jacob

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