OWC’s Kirabira excited over Salim Saleh’s public appearance

Ever since rumours of Gen. Salim Saleh real name Caleb Akandwanaho’s supposedly death emerged, Operation Wealth Creation (OWC) employees did not take them well.

One such person was Kirabira Edison who was a year ago picked by Salim Saleh himself as Civil Partnership Coordinator for Greater Kampala.
The self-styled president of socialites in Uganda is said to have been hit really hard by these malicious rumours about his boss that he seemed sort of psychologically tortured, according to his close pals.

Kirabira, apparently, tried to convince whoever cared to listen that his boss, Saleh, was healthy and alive going about his usual business in vain.
The very social Kirabira made it his personal mission to assure whoever visited his office at Lumumba Avenue that the battle-hardened soldier was busy fulfilling his duties to the nation.

After Salim Saleh made his first public appearance in a long while last Saturday during his daughter’s giveaway, Kirabira, who was a guest at the private function, has been super excited that his boss has finally silenced haters who spread the false information.

During the ceremony, Kirabira made sure to present doubters and haters with evidence that Salim Saleh is indeed health and alive, by taking a selfie with him.


Gen. Saleh with Kirabira

Salim Saleh and his wife Jovia gave away their daughter Esteri Mugulwa to lover Ivan Muhoozi in a private ceremony at their home in Buziga.
Since the function, Kirabira has been spotted partying in top Kampala hangouts like never before now that Salim Saleh has put the rumours to bed.

Since then, Kirabira has been bragging to those who tortured him with NUP popular slogan ‘Temulina kyemutugamba’ loosely translated as ‘Shut Up’.

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