Pastor Kakande loses Shs8m to fake Tamale Mirundi

Ps Kakande.


This man of God is still in shock after streetwise fellas diddled Shim of dime worth hs8million. Sources say that a group of men claiming to be working on orders of Presidential Press secretary, Tamale Mirundi approached him and demanded for dime to help him solve his current land issues.

After defending the pastor over the radio, the goons took this advantage to fake Kakande.Sources say that when the real Tamale was called to clarify whether he had received the dime, he alerted police which tracked down the impersonators.

Tamale said that he was aware there are many such impersonators in town who try to ‘eat ‘ up his name but called upon the public for their vigilance.

Kakande’s woes stem from 1000 acres of land that he bought at Nyabyewanga.

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4 thoughts on “Pastor Kakande loses Shs8m to fake Tamale Mirundi

  1. Money frudently acquired by tricking the unsuspecting “customers” in to sowing will disappear in the same manner.

  2. Does a pastor need 1000 acres? I used to hear that churchmen are poor. How did he get money to buy all this land? Is it “Jesus on sale”? Did he empty church coffers? let us get the truth. His property should be in heaven, not in this corrupt world.

    1. churches of today are after money.the pastors do charge their sheep for prayers and starting from 300k only. hence their massive properties

  3. Jonnathan Kalani even with that fat bulky head u still reason like a kid??? big head small monkey brains. i decide not to comment on such a stupid reasioning

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