Pastor Kiwedde Netted Over Extortion

Pastor Kiwedde

Rakai police are holding William Muwanguzi well known as Pastor Kiwedde for alleged impersonation and extortion.

Pastor Kiwedde
Pastor Kiwedde

Kiwedde was picked up together with Julius Mukisa over the weekend for pausing as catholic priests with intentions of conning unsuspecting Christians in Rakai of their money.

Recently, Pastor Muwanguzi made various radio announcements and published posters inviting Christians with various problems for a three days charismatic renewal prayer service at Nabisere Hotel in Kalisizo Town Council.

According to the announcements, Pastor Muwanguzi claimed that would heal HIV/AIDs, cancer, epilepsy, blindness, barrenness and also help people overcome poverty.

More than 50 people from different denominations turned up for the healing service.

However, the pastor laid out a standard procedure that people with simple problems pay 5000 and 30,000 shillings while those with bigger problems would pay more for the healing prayer.

Chiliba Taban, the Officer in charge of Criminal Investigations Rakai district said that Catholics in the area became suspicious of Kiwedde and his colleagues and immediately notified the priest at Matale parish. As a result, Rev. Fr. Adrian Ssemwanga, the Matala Parish priest tipped off police leading to the arrest of Muwanguzi and Mukisa.

Their accomplices fled off into hiding immediately police stormed the hotel. Taban further said that Muwanguzi and his accomplices impersonated catholic priests with intentions of extorting money from vulnerable residents. However, Pastor Muwanguzi denies any wrong doing saying they are innocent.

He said that they were carrying out their pastoral mission under Charismatic renewal movement.

Muwanguzi is not new to controversy. In 2010, Muwanguzi was implicated for among other crimes rape, illegal possession of a fire arms and assault.

Following the closure of his Entebbe Road-based Holy Fire Church, Muwanguzi relocated to Eldorate Kenya, where he set up another church.

He also changed his name to Paul Mwamba.

Pastor Bernard Joshua Kirabira, the Welfare Minister of National Fellowship for Born Again Churches says pastor Muwanguzi dented his reputation due to his involvement in various scandals. Kirabira called for the sensitization of Christians to keep away from people like Muwanguzi.

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