Pennilessness Kicks Pretty Glo Out Of Kampala

Pretty Glo


A few month ago people were shocked on the rate at which Pretty was losing weight. Red Pepper Online has landed on one of the factors that have been spearheading her weight loss.

Pretty Glo
Pretty Glo

Fast fading and forever upcoming singer Pretty Glo has returned to the dusty slums of Kigali after pennilessness kicked her out of Kampala.

Sources have revealed that Pretty Glo who has been entirely depending on music dime and handouts from well wishers is now in Kigali slums trying to earn a living.

Her luck came to an end when the handouts stopped coming in as gigs reduced at an increasing rate.

As the saying; ‘East West, Home is best,’ Pretty had to relocate to Kigali.

“She currently stays in Gakituma, a Kigali suburb and she has been her for over three months now,” revealed the source.

Before she left Kampala, Pretty could barely afford rent since was sleeping her close friend’s crib.

In early 90’s pretty Glo migrated to Uganda from at a tender age in order to peruse her music carrier but lack of gigs and club hit songs have denied her a chance of seeing her dream come true.

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