Police Officers Shoot Three in Mityana

Police Officers Shoot Three in Mityana

Police in Mityana district are hunting for a group of their colleagues from the Flying Squad Unit, in connection with the killing of a one-year-old girl.

The rogue officers are accused of shooting the girl while they were pursuing her father whom they had been hired to apprehend by a resident of the area.

The killing comes on the heels of a damning accusation by the president about the existence of criminally minded officers in the police force.

The officers who are supposed to protect the community are reported to have descended on Bulumu village at 11 in the morning and surrounded the home of a resident called Pio Kato. Kato and his family managed to escape from their home upon hearing the sounds of the approaching men.

The officers caught up with his wife and two children by the roadside. They are reported to have fired at them, killing the one-year-old girl and injuring both Kato’s wife and son.

Some of the locals are pointing fingers at one of the residents called John Kulumba for hiring the rogue police officers to carry out the gruesome act. They accuse Kulumba of practicing witchcraft and had earlier asked him to leave the village.

Pio Kato is the man who is said to have brought up the witchcraft accusation against Kulumba which the locals believe is why he was targeted.

Residents took matters into their own hands by destroying Kulumba’s house and all his property. Police later intervened but could not save any of Kulumba’s property.

The Police spokesperson of Mityana, Norbert Ochom, confirmed the incident and promised to investigate the matter.

The Police chief is reported to have deployed the Flying Squad in Mityana to stop the increasing cases of motorcycle thefts.

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