Premier Amama Scoops world Twitter ‘Award’

Prime Minister Amama Mbabazi responding to tweets on his ipad last weekend. Tweeps use #AskThePM hash tag.

Prime Minister Amama Mbabazi responding to tweets on his ipad last weekend. Tweeps use #AskThePM hash tag.

Uganda’s Prime Minister Hon. Amama Mbabazi has been ranked the world’s most interactive politician on social networking site Twitter.

In a study on how world leaders interact on Twitter named “Twiplomacy”, the first of its kind conducted by Burson-Marsteller,a leading global Public and communications firm, Hon. Amama is ranked as the world’s most conversational world leader followed closely by Rwanda’s
President Paul Kagame.

Hon. Amama has replied 96% of his followers with Kagame 93% coming in second in a study that revealed U.S President Obama as the most followed world leader with 17 million followers.

With this study, the Prime Minister has demostrated that he is a sociable character contrary to what his critics have always known him for- being anti social.

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17 thoughts on “Premier Amama Scoops world Twitter ‘Award’

    1. who deserves it? stop being jealous of the man every bad thing has apositive side however much u don’t like the man he takes the award ad he deseves it

    2. Rash–you don’t need to like it -but inside your heart you know that he has won-if you are better than him what have you won ?

  1. am not suprised, he’s a good man, i follow him on twitter, he responds when called upon. and so is H.E Paul Kagame. i wish all our leaders cld do the same. keep it up Amama

    1. Assimwe a person who responds is a good leader? I wonder what criteria do you use to tell a good leader. Maybe i might forgive you because you dont know how workers lost 11 billion from the temangalo Land transaction and also you are currently not aware that about 24 billion was stolen by thieves he supervises.

      Netherlands has already requested for the Uganda Government to refund 14 billion meant for PRDP in Northern Uganda. And you say AMAMA IS GOOD? CRY BELOVED UGANDA CRY!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. I would not support you peter when you talk of FB. FB has hooligans, (Not meaning everybody on FB) who would derail his followers from the real meaning. Let those who manage twitter follow him wherever he is. A patients goes to the doctor, not the doctor going to the patient.

  2. Percentages can be deceptive. So, how many followers does he have and number of questions does he get compared to the other politicians included in the survey? I personally wonder where serious and busy politicians can get the time for these fanciful pass times (unless of course they have a paid had(s) to help them correspond in this media).

    Is this not the same man that his own party members say is very unaprochable? I am sure there will be some officials who will be gnashing their teeth and lamenting that he is busy in cyber space instead of meeting real people and party morale boosters on the ground – and thereby losing them by-elections!!

  3. those who have followed Amma for some years will establish that the guy has class and a certain kind of diplomacy which you may not find with other leaders

  4. He should not only be sociable at those net works but even open doors to his office so that he can be of better service to the nation when ugandan need him for a face to face interaction on things with in his powers to solve as prime minister. But any way that is a good start, keep it up and socialise moren but not at the expense of your duties.

  5. under his watch (Prime Ministers Office), close to 16 billion has been stolen by goons he supervises. the funds meant for PRDP in Northern Uganda. With all this can we trust that he is a leader?

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