Public Holiday For Kenya After Obama Re-election

(left) Obama's grandmother Sara Onyango Obama on the phone in after Obama was declared president, (Right) Kenyan supporters dance in Nyang'oma Kogelo village after Obama was declared winner of the 2012 election

Barack Obama’s step-grandmother Sarah Onyango Obama smiles for joy shortly after Obama was declared winner.

Kenyans may have more reason to celebrate Obama’s victory after President Mwai Kibaki declared Thursday a public holiday in honour of Barack Obama who has family roots in Kenya.

This is not the first time the East African country is having a national holiday in Obama’s honour. Four years ago, November 6, 2008, was declared Obama Day in honor of Obama’s electoral victory in the United States presidential election in 2008.

Obama’s family stayed up all night in the western Kenyan village of Kogelo watching the election count, and they are now preparing for a big party.

The main celebrant is 91-year old Sara Onyango Obama, Obama’s step-grandmother who resides in Nyang’oma Kogelo village in western Kenya, some 400km north of the capital Nairobi.

“We the Kenyan people are immensely proud of your Kenyan roots,” President Mwai Kibaki said to the press.

In Kisumu city, and even in the capital – Nairobi, there is a carnival atmosphere and people have poured onto the streets singing Mr Obama’s praises and jubilating.

Obama is the son of a white mother from Kansas and a black father from Kenya and has five Kenyan half-brothers and a half-sister.

Since 2004, when Obama was running for the Senate in Illinois, the Harvard-trained lawyer and civil rights activist has enjoyed rock star status in Kenya.

Kenyan political leaders are expected to put aside their differences and join massive celebrations planned in the country which considers Obama their chosen son.







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17 thoughts on “Public Holiday For Kenya After Obama Re-election

  1. Obama oyee! Its bad news for those who hate letter O. Obama we are proud of you. This time remember Africa.

    1. I some times wonder what is wrong with us Africans. The man who is being celebrated wasted no time but to get back to work at the white house whereas Africans are declaring public holidays. Hmmmmmmm

    2. Ugandans should celebrate hope for a brighter future. If a Kenyan can lead America, why not a Ugandan in the near future?

  2. @Tamax We are celebrating the good leadership he has shown, no corruption,nepotism etc. an exemplary leader and re-elected because of those qualities and I wish you heard his speech praising the courage of Mitt Romney compared to our leaders who insult their adversaries.

  3. Good to celebrate. However, the reality is that Obama is an American, elected by the American people to handle their issues. He certainly has no time for Kenyan or African issues except where they hinge on American interests.

  4. This is another poor excuse to drink. Yes Obama has roots in Kenya but he is America’s President and he is not gona change rules to favor Kenyans. By declaring a public holiday the country in writing off billions of shillings in revenue in terms of taxes etc. We Africans are very misguided and we will take much longer to develop.

    1. if 1 day of celebration (for having our own as world president) is going to really affect us in terms of ‘lost taxes and revenues.’ so be it!

  5. The substance of the matter is that Obama is biologically Kenyan as he is American. Therefore Kenyans are right to celebrate one of their own. I wish Obama could make one special visit to Kenya as a matter of courtesy because one good turn deserves another.

  6. This time round, Obama’s stance to dictatorship will be different, especially to sub-saharan Africa, so those in-charge should warm up for the best yet to come – democratic reforms that I know sound crude and cruel to them.

  7. I hate does of you who are saying Obama should help Africa on wat ground?Africans are responsible of they own deeds,p’ple should know that the power belongs to them,not until we realize that.Imagin the whole of Africa they siroucely demanding help from one man,but decades they have failed to solve they own problems.I only hope Obama can visit kenya in foverof kenyans like he did in ghana.

  8. Now I know why African is backward. Here in the states even the day of elections was not a public holiday but in Kenya they declare public holidays unnecessarily.
    OMG!!!! God Have mercy on Mother Africa and its leaders!

  9. we are proud of obama for being re-elected for the second time:congratulations to you but try to remember AFRICA, uganda inclusive.

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