Rain = Sex: The Weather For Nonstop Sex

The rainy season has begun. Oh the joys. For some it’s a blessing, their tanks and drums will now be filled with water.

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For others, it’s a curse. They fear their houses and crops will be destroyed by floods.

But, undoubtedly, there are a huge number of folks, old and young, male and female, who enjoy this season for pleasurable purposes.

Whether it is morning, evening or night, I’m always amazed at the way Facebook, Twitter and BBM statuses are updated to: “Weather for leather” or “Weather for 20 toes, no clothes, and all kinda pose”, as soon as it begins to rain. What is it about this weather that gives people this warm, fuzzy feeling to have sex? (Ok, make love, which ever you prefer).

I decided to ask around. I had to know. ‘Cause me, I could just pull snuggles (my huge doggy-bear) and sleep some more.

Or, watch a scary movie with my ‘blankie’ and some popcorn. But then, many may protest and say it’s because I’m not in a relationship. I, however, recall it being the same way when I was in a relationship (or was it)?

Anyway, I targeted the males first. I got various views, from the opinion that girls are just more “in the mood”, when it rains, to the fact that you sweat less ‘cause of the cold (leaves one to wonder what happened to hot, steamy sex. Maybe it’s really for the movies).

But the comment that stuck with me is from a guy friend of mine. Leave it to him to come up with some sentimental, not-necessarily-factual, but logical answer to my question.

His ‘theory’ is that females are emotional creatures, who crave emotional connection through romance.

He says we associate ‘darkness’ and ‘coldness’ with romance. We love romantic dinners in dim lighting, since it is in this type of ‘darkness’, we feel as though only us, and that person exist, and when we’re in the movies and it’s freezing, we’d rather leave our jackets home because we believe hugging him is emotionally connecting.

So as soon as it rains, the ‘darkness’ of the place automatically screams romance for us, the cold calls for body warmth (not that of a blanket), which would obviously lead to caressing and lovemaking. Hence, we start sending subliminal messages because we’re in heat. Guys just know and respond to this.


Okay… so he has an ‘association theory’ about this whole thing. In a way, I agree, but if that is the case, I would prefer going outside and enjoying ‘it’ in the rain (but that is wrong… if you get caught *wink*). Now that was a male theory.

So, moving right along, let me tell you what the girls had to say. “Hmmmm,” I said to myself. “Yes, here is where my explanation lies”. Boy was I wrong. Most of the girls had no idea why rain called for lovemaking. It was like an automatic response, “Rain equals sex”. Maybe my friend was right with his ‘association theory’.

One girl told me that guys just get horny, when it rains. Am I to believe then, that both sexes react to how they think the other sex feels, and that it is really just a misconception that the rain itself is an aphrodisiac?

Another one told me that the cold weather brings out the best in her boyfriend. Oooooookkkkkkaaayyy! (Feel sorry for him when sun out).

She says he tells her the sweetest things to turn her on. So am I to conclude, that men are more expressive when it rains? I highly doubt it! Their relationship is the unique kind.

This girl even said that it’s actually the sound of the raindrops, on the roof, that puts her in the mood because it’s calming and sexy. Personally, I associate raindrops with missing someone special. Blame it on Tamia for singing “Officially missing you”.

From what I gathered, males and females assume that the rain turns the other on. An unwritten understanding, we could call it. I suppose the rain concept is not one to be understood; maybe it’s just something we accept.

But, since it works so well in the romantic department, why not just turn on the AC, pull the drapes, and light some candles to set the mood?

As for the sound on the rooftop, I know a song that is definitely raindrop-replaceable (“Slowly” by Syleena). If you can’t create it, well pray for rain.

Either way, enjoy the warm, fuzzy feeling that this rainy season brings.

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