Rains wreak havoc leaving roads cut off, school destroyed in Kabale

Water plunges through Maziba mini-hydro dam in Maziba, Kabale.

Kabale – Heavy rains have destroyed crops, swept away homes and cut off roads, in several villages in the district of Kabale.

The most affected areas are; Rubaya, Kaharo, Maziba and Kamuganguzi Sub Counties.

The rains have triggered mudslides that have blocked several access roads. In several areas, gardens are submerged in water as well families that stay near the old Maziba hyro dam as it has over flooded as over 500 families are living in fear as soon it’s banks might burst .

In Katuna Town council and Rubaya Sub County, several homes have been washed away and leaving close to 100 households homeless.

In Maziba sub-county, several roads are impassable with Maziba primary school remaining inaccessible

Elias Jonathan Byaruhanga, The head teacher Maziba primary school says that the heavy rains destroyed part of the school.

“There is a need for the quick intervention of the district leadership as when the schools open again they pupils will not be having where to study from,” Byaruhanga cried out.

The rains, that started at the beginning of April as they have not only destroyed gardens, but also the roads, rendering them impassible.

Large boulders washed from hilltops have piled on the roads. Most affected are the old Kabale road that connects Kyanamira-Maziba – Buhara and Kaharo sub-counties as well the Kitibya bridge in Kyanamira sub-county was washed away by water, Rubaya road which connects to Butanda Sub County to Muko sub-county in Rubanda district.

Norah Twenda the Maziba and Kaharo sub counties woman councilor says that the rains that have pounded the area for the last three says that unless the farmers and other locals take serious the warnings issued by environmentalists, the rains will cause more damage.

Patrick Besigye Keihwa the Kabale district LC V chairperson , says that as the district they are being overwhelmed by the increased calamities caused by the heavy rains

Keihwa says that kabale is a hilly district which usually trigger landslides whenever it rains but he also blames it on poor farming methods by the locals who have failed to practice farming methods like building of terraces to avoid soul erosion saying unless the farmers take in serious consideration advise from environmentalist

He says that the chief administrative officer has sent their a team to access the situation as they will then make a report to the office of the prime minister so that they can get relief as the district they don’t have any money for relief.

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