Rapper Peter Rhymer marries longtime lover in a beautiful Wedding Ceremony

‘ Nkwagala’hit maker, Rapper Peter Rhymer over the weekend wedded his longtime girlfriend in a beautiful wedding ceremony that saw them vow to stay together forever at Saint Paul’s Cathedral Namirembe.

Peter Rhymer and his wife now have officially legalized their relationship in a ceremony that was strictly invited only. The few guests who attended the function revealed to us that it was one of the best-organized wedding functions so far this year.

The beauty, confidence, and decent manner of the bride made her the center of attention, wearing a charming and fitted white gown and a magnificent bridal dress.

In her gorgeous and glittering wedding dress slowly walked toward the groom, she caught the eye of her husband-to-be, friends, and relatives in church as the two promised each other Love until death do them part. It was a lovely moment for the two.

The ceremony was so exclusive, special, and vintage. All the costumes, decorations, and designs were simple, cozy, elegant, and nostalgic. Their function was organized simply.

Such weddings are for couples who want to create strong impressions and feelings for themselves and the guests, and they are unforgettable compared to ordinary ones. Peter Rhymer and his bride’s wedding will never be forgotten.
Over the past few years, Peter Rhymer who is based in the UK has stretched his dominance to a wider fanbase through his music and comedy. He has also been carrying out several charity activities, giving back to the communities but he also has not forgotten what makes him who he is – MUSIC.

Peter Rhymer’s main influences are British and American, with elements of African / Ugandan terms. His rare style of rap has taken him places and is currently on the rise to being respected as an independent artist, who does music on his terms.

Red pepper, we join the couple’s family, friends, and relatives to congratulate them upon reaching this milestone and asked God to bless their marriage.


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