Roger Mugisha Has Never Been In Committed Relationship – Haddy Ssengo

Hady Sengo

Actress Hadijja Ssengoba famously known by her social media name Haddy Ssengo has revealed that her former ‘friend’ Roger Mugisha has never been in any serious relationship.

Hady Sengo
Haddy Sengo

While appearing on a Local TV yesterday, Haddy said that she has never dated and will never date Roger Mugisha because he is never serious.

“Roger Mugisha has never been in a serious relationship. Why should I date a man who is not serious,” charged Haddy

“Roger and I have never dated. We were just friends because we used to meet each other on different occasions since we are all in the entertainment industry”

Roger Mugisha
Roger Mugisha

In the past few weeks, the verbal war between Haddy Ssengo and Roger Mugisha took social media by storm and the alleged nude pictures of Haddy Ssengo leaked in the due course.

The verbal war further alleged that Haddy wanted to Infect Roger Mugisha with HIV but the former disputed the allegations by ousting out dated HIV test results. Haddy’s HIV results were 9 months old yet the valid ones must be less than three months old.

Haddy quashed the rumor that previously circulated in different media houses that she was fired from Ebonies.

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  1. Useless stories, we were not informed when the two you became friends and no one wants to know now!

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