Rough Sex Disgusts Me — Desire Luzinda

Desire Luzinda

Desire Luzinda’s Problems seem not be coming to an end soon. In the leaked Sexual WhatsApp chat with a man only identified as Uncle Ben, the now in hiding diva reveals on how she hates rough sex.


“I don’t like rough sex if it’s not on a car bonnet,” Desire texted Uncle Ben.

Desire however revealed that soft and slow sex drives her crazy; “Soft sex can drive me crazy.”

Desire’s problems escalated when her naked pictures were leaked by her Nigerian bonkmate Franklin Emoubor.

The naked pictures went viral on most social media sites and Ugandans trolled her by taking pictures with Desire’s pose.

Desire is currently hiding at her grandmother’s home in Ibanda District.

She hasn’t out officially to comment on this saga.

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9 thoughts on “Rough Sex Disgusts Me — Desire Luzinda

  1. Thats Desire, we can only afford to love her and support her learn how to live as a mature lady, who is a mother in society. Its possible though it takes some time and a lot of patience. Yes she can get back on track.

  2. She may be beautiful on the outside body but not in the brain. Any sensible mother will always give her children priority by staying around them at most of her free time. But this type seems another case study. I hope, after this, she will change her way of life. Oga has left the country and that is good for her. I hope that Rev. Fr. Lokodo will forgive her since he is a Man of God. At this rate, am sure she is quite traumatized and she needs mental help.

  3. I love it slow and sensual …..Desire where u de go ? Come out and face shit head on !!

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