Rwamiti Balloons, Diddles Nkuba Kyeyo babe

Word reaching us has it that NTV Presenter Miles Rwamiti is at the center of a fraud case after allegedly diddling a Ugandan nkuba Kyeyo babe based in Denmark only identified as Brenda.


According to sources, Rwamiti met the babe last year when he travelled to the Scandinavian state for months.

It is also said that the ‘Koona’ presenter ballooned Brenda two weeks after they hooked.

Rwamiti is said to have tricked Brenda into sending him Shs20m which he claimed was to prepare for their formal introduction because he did not want her to give birth before making their romance official.

Brenda is said to have gotten the money from a loan shark and sent it to Rwamiti who started playing hide and seek with her.

Sources add that Brenda even travelled back to Kampala to see how the introduction preparations were progressing.

However, the time she was in town is the time Rwamiti travelled to South Africa for shows.

“Brenda could not wait for Rwamiti to return because she had to go back to her job,” says the source.

Brenda who gave birth in May was also informed that Rwamiti was playing her because she has other babes in South Africa and Kenya.

We are further informed that after trying to get back her money, Brenda is planning to drag Rwamiti to the authorities for obtaining money by false pretense.

This is however not the first time Rwamiti is accused of diddling a babe. In 2012, he was accused of the same by another babe.

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