Salvador getting cozy with a babe

Crackers boss Patrick Salvador Indring was yesterday seen getting cozy with a yet to be identified babe at Club Rouge during the meet and greet party for the Jamaican dancehall star Mr. G

Salvador getting cozy with a babe
Salvador getting cozy with a babe

Salvador splashed dimes as he drowned the babes and his friends in booze.

Uganda’s funniest man must have bagged a fat cheque from Glo Laffta Fest in the city comedy show in Nigeria.

They left the Jinja road based club at  4 am with intentions written allover their faces .

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1 thought on “Salvador Parades New Babe

  1. Salvador is a great guy, engineer and comedian, but this snap did not really flatter the “chick’s” face.
    Salvador, if you read tabloids, please confirm that this hot bodied co- dancer of yours turned out to be female evrywhere, if you know what I mean.
    Those who’ve attended drag shows or met ladyboys know what I’m on about.
    Kampala si bizimbe, as you guys usually say.

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