Secrets Why Policeman Clobbered, Undressed Moze Radio Leak

Secrets Why  Policeman  Clobbered,  Undressed Moze Radio Leak

Secrets why celebrated musician Moses Nakintije Sekibogo aka Moze Radio was clobbered and undressed by a traffic policeman over the weekend have leaked to Red Pepper Online.

Moze Radio is nursing terrible wounds after being thumped to pulp by a cop who arrested him along Entebbe Road, driving under the influence of alcohol.


According to our Snoops, prior to the beating, Radio had been driving in a car with friends, when the cop flagged them down. On being stopped, Radio, who was already high, started insulting the policeman, asking him if he knew who he (Radio) was.

Radio also reportedly assured the cop that he had freedom to do whatever he wanted because he was part of the ‘Tubonga Nawe’ crew. However, the policeman didn’t listen to all this after Radio refusing to test on the Breathalyzer.

He grabbed the singer and pulled him out of the car, sparking off a scuffle. The cop dragged Radio to a nearby police post amidst slaps and kicks but along the way, he attracted the attention of a crowd which wrestled him until he let go of Radio’s trousers, which were already torn.

As the cop tried to struggle free from the crowd, Radio bolted at lightning speed and is currently in hiding, nursing several injuries.


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