Sejusa Declines To Appear Before ‘Flawed’ Parliament Committee

The Renegade General David Sejusa a.k.a Tinyefuza.

Renegade Ugandan General David Sejusa has declined to appear before the Parliamentary Rules Committee to explain his continued absence from Parliament.

The Renegade General David Sejusa a.k.a Tinyefuza.
The Renegade General David Sejusa a.k.a Tinyefuza.

In a written communiqué addressed to the Chairperson of the Rules and Privileges committee, the lead Sejusa lawyer, Ladislaus Rwakafuzi says the General instructed them to communicate to Parliament that he would not appear before the committee over what he termed as a flawed process where the executive exerts undue pressure on the Speaker contrary to the Constitution.

Sejusa was until April this year one of the 10 officers representing the Uganda People’s Defence Forces—UPDF in Parliament. He has been in exile in London where he ran to in April this year after authoring a controversial letter calling for investigation into an alleged assassination attempt of top army generals opposed to a ‘Muhoozi Project.’

The project, according to Sejusa is orchestrated President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni who is allegedly grooming his son Brigadier Muhoozi Kainerugaba for presidency.

The army has since then requested the Speaker to kick Sejusa out of Parliament owing to his missing of 15 sittings but the matter was deferred to the Rules and Privileges committee which is to make a report within 10 days.

The letter dated 3rd October means that Sejusa will not appear in person before the committee. When the Committee started its work on Monday, they told indicated that they wanted SAejusa to appear in person. But his lawyers including Caleb Alaka, Laudislaus Rwakafuzi, Joseph Luzige and Mukasa Mbidde communicated that their client had requested to be heard using other channels such as Skype or tele-conferencing.

The former Co-coordinator of national Intelligence has also since formed a group called the ‘Free Uganda’ whose goal is to liberate Uganda from what he termed as ‘poor governance’ of the NRM government. On Wednesday, President Museveni addressed the media and warned Sejusa against waging war.

Sejusa has missed at least 17 sessions of parliament. The rules and privileges committee is investigating whether  Sejusa has a reasonable excuse for staying away from Parliament.

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  1. It is interesting that other MPs miss more than 15 sittings and nothing is done. I do not remember seeing Sejjusa in parliament while he was in Uganda but nothing was raised, so why now? The opposition raised this matter but it was swept under the carpet, as always when the powers that be are pursuing something to their advantage.

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