Sexy Celebs Who’ve Failed To Reap from Their ‘Bitone’

Sexy Celebs Who’ve Failed To Reap From Their ‘Bitone’

By Our Reporters

God created very babe with Ekitone, such that she can use it to get whatever she wants on this earth and to progress.

There are some sharp and shrewd babes who use their Bitone to attain wealth, rides, houses, plots of land, well-stocked shops and other goodies. However, there are others whose Bitone have become losses to them and instead of saying No Gain Without Pain,’ these sisters of our say ‘All pain without Gain!”

Pepper Snoops have thus unveiled for you a list of these celebrities, although they are not limited to the following;


Desire Luzinda

She hoodwinked Ugandans by posing around some crib that was under construction a few years back but to date she has never officially entered the crib. Desire, the Kitone queen, has left several of her fans wondering if the crib story was a hoax, because she still rents. She has been linked to several men like former Kampala mayor Nasser Ssebagala, Michael Kaddu, Maj. Juma Seiko, Godfrey, Franklin Emoubour and others, but all these haven’t invested any worthwhile dime in her. It is as if all she gets for  flaunting her Kitone  is pocket change to run her daily life.



Leila Kayondo

Unlike her rival Vivienne Birungi and others who have reaped big from Suleiman Kabangala Mbuga, Leila left him empty-handed. He even reached an extent of confiscating the car he had given her on top of battering her. Apart from SK Mbuga, Leila was also linked to Eddie Yawe, Jose Chameleone and other dudes but she didn’t reap anything from them, not even a tot.


Straka Mwezi

This former TV star turned singer has been banged by a number of men and boys without reaping anything. Some of them include Charles Oimuke, who dumped her after she allegedly dropped a tot, then there came a string of boys who were struggling musicians like Sizzaman Kayemba, Qute Kaye, a one Tonny, Gravity Omutujju, among others. She never got anything from them.


Doreen Kabareebe

This model that is currently pursuing a Masters Degree has been linked to numerous men who include Jose Chameleone, DJ Michael, Dr. Tee, Mesarch Ssemakula, Jamil Ssentongo, and is currently reportedly swallowing a Nkuba Kyeyo dude. Kabareebe has nothing she has reaped from banging .

Tracy Borah

She was once Kampala’s heartthrob who is a mother of two gorgeous daughters. Tracy produced the kids with an Eritrean businessman Sami Haroon, who at one time opened a business venture in Entebbe that included a boutique. However, given her high-end lifestyle, Tracy blew the capital on partying and, before she fell out with Sami to hook Prince Kareem, a Nigerian. Kareem banged her for a few months and dumped her after became linked to  several men who include Jose Chameleone, then later international  footballer Emmanuel Adebayor, singer D’Banj,  Ghanaian movie actor John Dumello, among others. To date, Tracy has no personal house, thriving business or asset to her name.


Pretty Glo

This one was a model cum upcoming musician until she was bonked into oblivion. Apart from being linked to music producers and singers like Dr. Tee, Ray Signature, DJ Michael, Cindy Sanyu’s ex-bonkmate Ken Muyisa and others, Pretty has nothing to show from her rendezvous with men; not even a successful music career.


Sera Ponde

She hails from a well-to-do family and claims to be a student at Makerere University Business School (MUBS). But Ponde has been linked to several men who include a one Kavuma, a one Kinganira and others but she reaped anything from them, apart from her nude pictures leaking.

Brenda Nambi

This former HB Toxic babe was at one time linked to businessman Alybhai, the Obsessions bosses, a top wealthy Hajji and a host of other men. To date, Nambi has gone into musical oblivion without any asset or business entity from her romps with dudes.



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