Sexy Yvonne Parades Lover, Set to Introduce


Sexy Yvonne Parades Lover, Set to Introduce

Looks like sexy talent manager Yvonne Nansinguza is in love and wants the entire world to know.

The light skinned chubby babe recently paraded her lover identified as Mugisha Jonathan an Electric Engineer at Tetra Technical.

Yvonne has lately been going around telling whoever cares to listen that she is finally happy after meeting Jonathan who she has been secretly dating for years.

Yvonne, who is singer Hilderman’s ex-manager, is so head over heels in love with Jonathan, an electrical engineer and is the reason she can’t stop smiling lately.

The two are now in a long distance relationship as Yvonne is currently based overseas while Jonathan stays in Kampala.

She also goes on to heap praise on him calling him ‘My friend, soul mate and a blessing like his name ‘Mugisha’ suggests.’

“It’s no longer a secret; let me introduce to u the man behind my happiness. He’s da reason of all those smiles portrayed on my face. For some good years now those close to us know how we r fond of each other, He came in my life when I was selfless, hopeless, empty and confused. He never gave up on me, stood by me in all da stormy en sunny days. Became my best friend and soul mate, won this hat of mine, As his name “Mugisha” nonstop blessings came in our lives, it’s time, patience, fasting, sacrifice, focus, prayer, deaf ear to negativity, mutual trust, supporting and planning together, being us. I may write a whole bible, no matter da distance what is yours is yours without hustle, I love you Mugisha Jonathan Marcello” a loved up Yvonne posted on Facebook.

“It is amazing how my heart, a tiny bit of me, can love a whole lot of you. I love you Sista Vich,” replied Mugisha Jonathan Marcello.

“You won my heart in all ,,,, you deserve even more than my love. You are such a patient man, down to earth and humble and all in all I thank God for you .Me and u all da way,” Yvonne sealed the unending love praises to Jonathan

Close pals also reveal that she is soon jetting into the country to officially introduce Jonathan to her parents as the man of her dreams with whom she wants to spend the rest of her life.

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