Sharon O Pregnant for Ivan

Sharon O

This desk has learnt that Sharon O is already pregnant and she is set to drop a tot soon. Sharon O, the former girlfriend to Ronnie Mulindwa was snatched by Ivan Ssemwanga, socialite Zari’s now former hubby.

Sharon O
Sharon O

Also, unconfirmed rumor around town is that Ivan Ssemwanga has another pregnant girl in south Africa and the latest info reaching this desk is that Ronnie Mulindwa ‘sold’ Sharon O to Ivan in exchange for a car and a house.

This was after he learnt that Sharon O was pregnant. “Roni threatened to expose Sharon O and Ivan and that was when Ivan suggested that he pays him off for his silence” reveals the source. Ivan confirmed that he was indeed in love with Sharon O by posting “am in love Sharon O” on his Facebook wall.

“We have been separated for a year and we both moved on. He is seeing Sharon O and a bunch of other gals while am dating one Man who doesn’t want drama (I will keep his name safe).” Said Zari confirming her split with Ivan. Ivan has three boys with Zari.



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4 thoughts on “Sharon O Pregnant for Ivan

  1. At the end of it all. sharon o iz gona get dissapointed by this womaniser IVAN. Better if she would have hooked another guy whos sensible en respectful, than that goon.

  2. am hveryyyyyyyyyyyy! happy for you sharon u r true muganda not like zarin a coloured

    1. What does being a muganda have to do with anything? People like you is the reason why Uganda is behind because of racism. If you judge someone based on their tribe or skintone you’ll never get anywhere in life. FYI Sharon O isn’t a Muganda but she speaks Luganda. Sharon is half Ugandan and half British. Zari is half Ugandan and half Arab. Get your facts right cause you wrong about Sharon O.

  3. This is a shining example of attention-seeking meets gold(iamond) digging for the sake of staying in the limelight.Having kids out of wedlock (with someone ‘famous’) wont earn you a place in the Kardashian planet of celebrity so Sharon O please get a sensible,respectful life for yourself.and stop forging ways in ‘celebrity’ path ways.

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