Sheebah Shoots ‘Nkwatako Remix’

Sheebah Shoots ‘Nkwatako Remix’

Singing diva Sheebah Karungi has finally shot the video of her song with Nigerian singer Solidstar.

The gorgeous light-skinned babe had her ‘Nkwatako’ hit remixed with the Nigerian a few months ago although there had been no talk of a video.

A few days back, Solidstar jetted in town to shoot the much anticipated video for the ‘Nkwatako Remix’.

Sources reveal that the video was shot a few days back. Solidstar has been hanging out at the Team No Sleep (TNS) house with the crew singers including Sheebah, Chozen Blood, Roden Y and their manager Jeff Kiwanuka.

Meanwhile, Sheebah has been heaping praise on the Nigerian, claiming he is one of the most talented people she has worked with.

There was also rumour that Sheebah and Solidstar became worryingly close while on set and thereafter.

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