Singer Bebe Cool Quits Booze, Shisha


Gagamel Boss Bebe Cool.

This is bad news for those hang out places where Gagamel Entertainment crew boss Moses Ssali better known as Bebe Cool enjoyed his bitter, the artist is now a teetotaler if the message he relayed on his Facebook page is something to go by.

Gagamel Boss Bebe Cool is now a teetotaler

Bebe Cool on Saturday night announced through his Facebook page that he is quitting the bottle citing advice from his doctor. He has also called on his friends and fans alike to accept his new path and embrace what he calls a ‘new Rasta’.

According to his post, it seems the singer has tried a long time to quit but in vain saying “It came at the right time because i have  always tried to stop drinking”. He added that the advice from the doctor is spot on since it is the Holy month of Ramathan. Bebe Cool subscribes to the Islamic faith.

Muslims begun their month long fasting period on Wednesday last week. Some insiders our writer spoke to say he could be doing it for the holy month. Alcohol is forbidden in Islam.

The Tomalira budde hit maker also announced that he was doing away with the now popular Shisha. Shisha is smoking through exotic looking water pipes and has become a common sight in hang out places across the city and popular particularly with students and young people.

A young lady enjoying shisha. Bebe Cool says he will no longer do it
A young lady enjoying shisha. Bebe Cool says he will no longer do it

Bebe Cool who is known for his generosity in the pubs he visits will launch his Coccidiosis album in September. The song is enjoying massive airplay on local radio.

Below is the post he made;

‘NO MORE SHISHA,ALCOHOL FOR ME SAYS MY E.N.T.DOC.came in at the RYT time coz it’s ramathan n av alwez wanted to try stop drinking .so for all my friends who have been drinking with me embrace a new RASTA.6th,7th,8th sept coccidiosis ULBUM launch. Gagamel rule.’

What waits to be seen however is how the artists will live up to his doctor’s advice as promising and acting on are totally different.

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