Someone bewitched me! Grace Nakimera speaks out on her music career

Ugandan songwriter and songstress, Grace Nakimera (FILE PHOTO)

Kampala – Ugandan musician, dancer, composer, and songwriter Grace Nakimera has broken silence on her music career

While you could be wondering why Grace Nakimera took a music break, the then vibrant female singer broke her silence for the first time and revealed how she was Bewitched.

The Anfukula hitmaker narrated that while all media reported she had had an acid attack, something far worse was taking place.

“Someone I know poured grease like stuff on my face that had charm in it. I was never the same again. I fought a spiritual battle for years until I got saved” Grace Nakimera revealed.

Grace Nakimera returned to active music and has been clear she will be doing gospel music more.

While she appearing on Morning At NTV on February 28, Grace Nakimera revealed the shocking secret on why she decided to become born again and most important start singing gospel music.

“I usually don’t want to talk about it because to most people it is a taboo but the truth is that it was a spiritual attack (Eddogo) that led me to see the power of God I decided to be born again,” she says

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