Sports Betting Center Robbed At Gun Point

one of the sports betting centers in Uganda

Unidentified thugs who are still on the run have robbed more than 5 million shillings at gunpoint from Kings Sport Betting center in Koboko town.

one of the sports betting centers in Uganda
one of the sports betting centers in Uganda

The masked gunmen raided Kings Sports betting center, which belongs Jaffar Kumar, an Asian businessman on Wednesday night September 25. The incident occurred shortly after Kumar and his cashier sent out their football fans during the Manchester United Liverpool match to allow them balance their books.

However, after the fans went out Kumar forgot to lock the door.

According to Edison Maganzi, Koboko district police commander as the two were inside counting money two men came on a motorcycle and stormed the shop.

They put both Kumar and his cashier at gun point and asked them to surrender all the money or lose their lives.

Muganzi said that the duo handed over the money, they suspect to have been more than five million because they had counted 4.5 million shillings. He also confirmed that a case of robbery has been reported at Koboko central police station and investigations are ongoing.

Kumar said that police has advised them to suspend their operations for some time.

This is the fourth armed robbery in Koboko town within a space of one month.  More than 15 million shillings was robbed in three other attacks and one person shot dead by the robbers. However, no suspect has been arrested in connection to the attack.

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  1. It is sad, but this sports beting game should stop with immedaiet effect, imagine the poorest of the poor being robbed by the indians in the name of investors. Those 4.5M should have need used for household investment but all goes to the hands of thieves or call them investors.

    1. It’s your choice to bet/gamble or not..only adults qualify so you choose betting your house and wife or not.

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