Stealthily Looking At Naked People

Dr. Phionah Atuhebwe


HAVE YOU ever thought about the extent to which people can go to attain sexual satisfaction?

We know them as peeping Toms – but this time, they are peeping at people who are naked or undressing– they are known as voyeurs and they are sick.

This was Henry’s story; now a married man with three lovely cuties. Henry grew up in Kampala’s leafy suburbs.

With his parents being very dedicated church goers and very moralistic, Henry had no choice than be a very good boy.

His parents had talked to him about the dangers of associating with the boys in the neighbor-hood and of course how dangerous it was as an adolescent to associate with girls.

With no TV in his room (which could promote “bad manners” and stop him from reading his books), Henry was left to his Bible and aca-demic text books to occupy his time when away from school.

Soon, Henry discov-ered that he could sit in his bedroom and in the comfort of his bed, view the neigh-bor’s wife as she undressed after work, retreat into her bathroom for a shower and then come back to oil herself and dress up.

This was the height of Henry’s day and he would do anything not to miss this session even if it meant missing his dinner.

He attained sexual satisfac-tion from this.This went on for years, even as a Praise and Wor-ship leader in his church.

On the other hand, Henry’s parents were happy because their son was always “busy” reading in his room unlike the hooligan neighbors who were always playing football outside.

Henry had a sexual disorder called Voyeurism.

Voyeurism? Yes Voyeurism!!This is a sexual disorder in which a person derives sexual pleasure and satisfaction from stealthily looking at naked people, genital organs or people engaging in sexual acts.

The people being watched are not aware that they are being watched. The voyeur usually is not thinking of having sex with the naked person but the purpose is to get sexual excitement.

If they need to reach orgasm, they usually will masturbate either during the observation or after – this is fully reliant on their memory of what they saw.

Why would one peep at a naked person?

Just like you may be wondering, scientists are also still wondering. However, most experts think that just like Henry, you do it once, and then you realize it can turn you on, and then you repeat it and before long, you are hooked to the behavior. “Doctor, I have recurrent and intense sexual fantasies and urges and I hate it.

It actually disrupts my everyday functioning” said Henry. Like I mentioned last week about pedophiles, these too are very distressed people.

Another man told me that it would be easier if he would get aroused by just watching his wife undress but nay, that’s not how voyeurism is.

This man hears his sister-in-law come out of the bathroom and rushes to her bedroom door and through the key hole or the ventilator or a curtain he has already strategically moved, peep at her as she dresses up.

His wife once found him in a tree as he stared at a neighbor in an outdoor bathroom as she took her bath.

He told his wife that he was looking for a strategic place where their new water tank could be put.

These people go to heights of assuming dangerous postures just to peep and have answers to your questions.

Who does this happen to? It is commonest in men but has also been seen to occur in women. Numbers are difficult to tell because of how secretive these sexual disorders are.

Can it be treated? Like many other sexual disorders, the treatment of voyeurism is all about behavior change with no drug treatments. By the time Henry was presenting, he was a married man, very staunch Christian whom the world should never even imagine that he can look above a woman’s knees or below her neck. It takes a lot for them to seek help.

Henry underwent a series of behavioral therapy sessions to be able to learn how to control his urge to watch naked people and find other ways of sexual satisfaction.

In some countries, this is a criminal act though it is very difficult to prove that the person was looking at someone for sexual fulfillment. You and I can help pre-vent voyeurism.

Can we stop undressing with our curtains open when we know that a neighbor somewhere could be watching? There are people who just don’t care where they undress from, please save the nation and prevent voyeurism.

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