SWORDS OUT! ‘General’ Gashumba Hits Back at SFC, Says He’ll Not Be Cowed



‘General’ Gashumba Hits Back at SFC, Says He’ll Not Be Cowed

By Serestino Tusingwire

Self proclaimed social-political commentator, Frank Gashumba has hit back at the Special Forces Command (SFC) officer who warned him to back off the army saying he will not be cowed.

On Sunday, Gashumba made a post on his Facebook page indicating that he had ordered Uganda Peoples Defense Forces (UPDF) officers from the Military Police unit to hand over keys to boda boda cyclist. According to Gashumba, the Military Police soldiers were clobbering the cyclist who was crying like a baby.

“This is unbelievable!! Today Sunday evening, as I was driving around Buziga suburb, I found a boda- boda rider who was crying like a baby and pleading to a military police soldier who was beating him with a stick. He had taken and confiscated his motor bike keys…” Gashumba wrote before adding, “I immediately ordered the soldier (sic) to hand over the keys back to the Boda-boda Guy.”

Days later, Edson Kwesiga, the head of Plans and Strategy in the elite SFC warned Gashumba to stop attacking the UPDF saying the institution is bigger than him

“Frank Gashumba, my guess is that you’re gambling in an area you are not familiar with. So, after police, you think you can equally tarnish the name of UPDF? Our institution is bigger than you Mr Gashumba,” Kwesiga wrote on his Facebook wall on Wednesday afternoon.

However, Gashumba has not taken the warning lightly and has hit back saying no one/nothing is bigger than him because he is also a Ugandan like any other and he has to fight for his rights and those of others.

“Uganda government has spent a lot of money on professionalizing oba “personalizing” the UPDF to which I believe Mr. Edison Kwesiga belongs. My question is, to whoever is in charge of the professional standards of the SFC and UPDF; does Major Edison Kwesiga represent the Public Relations department of the UPDF to comment on issues that are not within his knowledge base? Plus is he really worthy his rank considering his utterances, conduct and character! Mr Kwesiga, we are all first Ugandans then whatever we call ourselves come after. A newspaper vendor, Boda Boda cyclist, a taxi tout, country diplomat and a UPDF soldier alike we are Ugandans first,” part of Gashumba’s post on his facebook wall.


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