Sylvia Namutebi’s Juicy Boobs Cause Scrotal Eruptions

Soon after getting pregnant, former Miss Uganda Sylvia Namutebi has resorted to merciless whopper slaying by unleashing what God gave her, latest being the tantalizing, dripping and sex oozing cleavage.


On her Facebook page, the former beauty queen posted a photo of her ever-increasing salacious breasts that are currently struggling to fit in bra.

“My boobs have been going wild! Guess it comes with the hormones! Frankly it’s one of the best things of being pregnant,” she posted.

However, after setting eyes on her high definition tataz, a good number of men have registered groin fractures and optical torture, considering the epic juice power they emit.

One sexcited fan of Namutebi was overheard commending her for saving him from buying supper, claiming that was enough nutrition for the evening.

This comes hardly a month after she posted a photo of herself semi-nude while she was chilling on an island.

The pregnant Namutebi is with no doubt currently glowing, more than other babes who have not swallowed live seeds yet.

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