Teachers’ Strike: UNATU, MoE Meet Today

Uganda's Minister of Education and Sports Jessica Alupo.

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Uganda’s striking teachers’ under their umbrella body, the Uganda National Teachers Union (UNATU) are set to meet with the country’s Minister of Education and sports today to try and resolve the ongoing standoff between the two sides.

Uganda's Minister of Education and Sports Jessica Alupo.
Uganda’s Minister of Education and Sports Jessica Alupo.

Last Friday, Education minister Jessica Alupo revealed that the teachers’ body had formally sought a meeting with her  ministry over the ongoing strike.

On September 16, teachers countrywide staged a strike as the third academic term was beginning. They are pushing for a 20% salary increment, but government says there is no money to meet their demands.


The meeting of the two sides comes days after the teachers’ body resolved to continue with the strike until the government comes up with a solution to the problem.

James Tweheyo, the UNATU Secretary General
James Tweheyo, the UNATU Secretary General

In a meeting they held last Thursday, the teachers also resolved to meet today to discuss the progress of the strike and find a way forward.

Parents and school going children will be hoping that today’s meetings bring forth some good news bearing in mind this is a promotional term.

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2 thoughts on “Teachers’ Strike: UNATU, MoE Meet Today

  1. Teachers should go a step further and refuse the small salaries. A 20% salary increase is not of any significant benefit to the teachers – even 100%. Inflation eats into these salary increments sooner than later. Salary will never be adequate – NEVER. There should be other meaningful incentives for teachers – tuition for teachers who want to further their education or upgrade, housing, tuition for children, low interest loans, entrepreneurship training. Teachers should be helped to setup side-income generating projects. UNATU should be spearheading this effort instead of leading teachers in useless strikes. For now the hand of politicians who always want to fish in troubled waters is not invisible and has taken centre stage at UNATU.

  2. These are men we need in our Uganda to day like James Tweheyo, who can bring changes in this rotten regime, what you have done, even if you have not got to the goal, has earned you votes, when you stand for MP, i will vote for you,

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