Thadeus Sold Iryn for 500 Dollars

Singer Iryn Namubiru

As you read this,Thadeus Mubiru is no longer Iryn’manager.Mubiru sacrificed his boss’s life at a mere $500 tip from Kim Ueno. In brief meeting held last Sunday,Iryn asked for all the communication from Kim that was exchanged before she travelled to Japan.

In the What’s App messages that were exchanged between Kim and Mubiru, it was clear that Thaddeus had some information that could be forwarded to Japan authorities who had detained Singer Iryn in Police cells over drug possession.

Following this, angry Iryn told his manager to keep out of her business. She later tweeted thus: “My Manager could have sacrificed my life for just $500 got from Kim Tumwesigye. He had all the info about the drugs but he lied. God.”

She added: “Trust nobody. Thaddeus Mubiru was ready to see me rot or die in jail just because he feared Kim would kill him if he gave info!! Unbelievable.”

 Mubiru is a brother to Iryn and has been her manager.

Iryn was arrested for sneaking drugs while she was going to perform in Japan.

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  1. The investigations should be thorough. This lady appears to have known a bit of what was happening. She should not shed crocodiles tears.

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