TPF 6: Ugandan Constants Safe This Week

Derrick Kojjo giving another great performance

None of the Ugandan contestants is up for eviction this week at the ongoing Tusker Project Fame Season six in Nairobi Kenya.

Phionah showing off her dance moves
Phionah showing off her dance moves

On Sunday October 27, the second probation show started on a high with Patrick singing ‘I’m an African in New York’ by Sting. He had the crowd rocking with his silky vocals and charm.

Next on the stage was Angel performing ‘Don’t You Remember’ by Adele. Her performance wasn’t enough for the judges who put her on probation at the end of the show.

South Sudan’s contestant Bior performed Peter Andre’s ‘Mysterious Girl’ and as always, it was a thrilling performance that left the audience screaming his name.

Hisia serenading the audience
Hisia serenading the audience


The question of how long Bior’s charisma will last was boldly asked by the tough Judge Ian despite much excitement and applause from the audience. He however evaded probation on the night.

Uganda’s Sitenda performed ‘Don’t Know Why’ by Norah Jones. The song matched her sultry vocals and for once the stylists picked the perfect outfit for her as she was a vision of grace in her floor length peach ensemble.

Her performance was a perfect mix of power and sophistication that had Coach Kavutha commending her on perfectly internalising the song which made it more memorable.

Derrick Kojjo giving another great performance
Derrick Kojjo giving another great performance

Next on the stage was Jennifer, performing ‘Mwewe’ by SEMA followed by Nyambura from Kenya doing her country proud by singing ‘Someday’ by Chris Adwar and Atemi.

The shy boy from Uganda DerrickKojjo, sang ‘Please Don’t Make Me Cry’ by UB40 in a truly moving performance dropping to one knee at the end of his performance.

Hisia was next performing ‘Here I Stand’ by Usher and once again had the ladies in the audience screaming. Hope then took the stage performing ‘As’ by Stevie Wonder and had the crowd grooving with his strong vocals.

Judge Ian called his performance ‘really nice’ but told him the theatrics at the end were unnecessary. Phionah from Rwanda was next adding some Rwandese signature moves to her performance which were however not sufficient to keep her from landing in the probation list.

Daisy dazzles the audience
Daisy dazzles the audience

Daisy performed John Legend’s ‘If You’re Out There’ and got a rousing applause and standing ovation. Daisy’s potent mix of power and precision, style and gusto left the audience on their feet.

Judge Juliana was amazed at how well Daisy ‘tore the song apart’. Next was Fess from Kenya performing Liquid Deep’s ‘You Don’t Have to be Alone’, Finally, Amos and Josh came out.

Determined to exorcise the ‘Nameless Curse’ on Tusker Project Fame, the duo performed ‘Deadly’ by Nameless giving it a sweet rock twist.

After this performance, Dr.Mich declared the ‘Nameless Curse’ lifted and Judge Hermes agreeing with Dr.Mich, Judge Juliana stating that she loved their interpretation of the track.

Sitenda performing  Don't Know Why by Norah Jones in an elegant peach ensemble
Sitenda performing Don’t Know Why by Norah Jones in an elegant peach ensemble

In the end, the contestants that were put on probation by the judges are Jennifer from Kenya, Angel from Tanzania, Phionah from Rwanda and Fess from Kenya.

The judges’ decision was not necessarily shared by the audience. East Africa will now have to vote to save the favourite contestant with one country having one vote only.

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