Tycoon Bikwasi Injects Money In Ohrionzs Comedy Group

Bikwasi (2nd Left) with the Ohrionz

South African based Ugandan tycoon, Haruna Bikwasi has injected millions of money in the Ohrionz comedy group.

Bikwasi (2nd Left) with the Ohrionz
Bikwasi (2nd Left) with the Ohrionz

The group that had started to sink was saved when they were invited to perform in South African over the weekend.

Sources in South Africa have revealed that tycoon Bikwasi hosted the Ohrionz at his home in Sandton on Friday evening and promised to promote and support them when they are in need.

Goat Roasting Session at Bikwasi's home in South Africa
Goat Roasting Session at Bikwasi’s home in South Africa

It is also believed that the flamboyant tycoon rescued the comedy group from jail after they were arrested for drink driving.

He also hosted them at his home on Sunday evening where they had a goat roasting session with friends.


Tycoon Bikwasi Owns a money transfer system, BSC Suppliers and Bikwasi Tour and Travel International Ltd.

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