Tycoon Flies Singer Kabasiita To UK, Wendy pissed

Maureen Kabasiita

Info reaching us from Entebbe based fusion band is that curvaceous singer Maureen Kabasiita has jetted out to the UK where she is set to deliver a tycoon’s kid.

However, insiders have revealed that the ‘Kasengejja’ singer’s trip left some people pissed like the former Tusker Project fame star Winfrey Nanyonjo aka Wendy.

Apparently, wendy is unhappy because while she was giving birth to a baby boy last month, she was never treated like a queen. Previously, there has been bad blood between Iryn Namubiru, Shamim, Desire, Daina, Phina and Wendy.

A source revealed that every one among those members has a special treatment. Some are given cars whereas others are rented special houses away from band houses where the regular members stay

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