Tycoon Mbire’s Gal, Hubby Bang for 48 Hours Nonstop

Tycoon Mbire’s Gal, Hubby Bang for 48 Hours Nonstop

Interesting info reaching this website is that city tycoon Charles Mbire’s daughter Nadia Matovu Kabahita Mbire and her hubby Yassah Matovu have been enjoying marathons of tubeless Nocturnal sessions.

This comes after it emerged that curvy Nadia and Matovu banged themselves without fear or favour for 48 hours straight.

The incident is said to have happened two weeks back when the smitten couple was on holiday in Tanzania.

A source at the Hyatt Regency, Dar es Salaam, The Kilimanjaro, where the two camped reveals that Nadia and Matovu were holed up in their hotel room for two straight days.

The pair is reported to have only had breaks during room service. It should be noted that since the two got hitched, Nadia cannot wait to get pregnant and give the love of her life kids and this could be the reason they are trying by having lots of banging.

We are also told that while in Tanzania, Nadia aka Black Kim Kardashian and Matovu also visited the famed Cape Town Fish Market.


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