UACE Results Released, Girls Outperform Boys

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UNEB Secretary Matthew Bukenya (L) and Education Minister Jessica Alupo in Kampala recently. Photo: NET
UNEB Secretary Matthew Bukenya (L) and Education Minister Jessica Alupo in Kampala recently. Photo: NET

Of the 114380 candidates that sat for the Uganda Advanced Certificate of Education (UACE) exams 2013, 32, 829 students got three principal passes, 28, 650 students got two principal passes and 27, 496 got one principal pass.

22, 296 students got one subsidiary pass and 3072 students completely failed.

On the whole, girls have performed better than boys in the just released Uganda Advanced Certificate of Education (UACE) results for 2013.


The UACE results for 2013 show that while 30.9% of the girls obtained three principal passes, only 27.2% of boys got the same three principal passes. 26.7% of the girls who sat last year obtained two principal passes compared to only 23.9% of the boys.

Though in real numbers, the boys had higher figures than girls, because of their numerical advantage, the percentages are calculated based on number of females against males.

Girls outsmarted their male counter parts in History, Economics, Islamic Religious Education, Christian Religious Education, Geography, Literature in English and Mathematics while boys did better in the traditional science subjects.

Mathew Bukenya, the Executive Secretary of UNEB, while releasing the results this afternoon said marked improvements have been register in Economics, IRE, CRE, Physics, Agriculture, and Chemistry, while History Entrepreneurship skills, Literature in English and Geography showed decline in performance. Mathematics remained poorly done. He says the trend of performance is a cause of worry for the country’s manpower needs.

Bukenya also says the rate of transition from ordinary level to advanced level in science subjects is very low. He says more emphasis must be made to improve this trend to achieve better manpower for the country.

Jessica Alupo, the Minister of Education and Sports says more emphasis must be made in promoting science subjects. She says government has improved facilities within schools to make science learning more attractive. She also challenged the private schools to invest in sciences to match what their colleagues in government aided schools in science performances.

In overall performance, the percentage of those who obtained principal passes has remained almost the same like 2012, with 97.3 % of them candidates qualifying for award of UACE certificates.

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  1. The problem with out education system is that it route rather than generating ideas. With cramming we cannot get anywhere as we turn to parrots. I attended a Science Fair of Grade One (equivalent of p.1) kids in USA. One of them did a fascinating research with the title: “Can plants grow and live when ‘watered’ with juice, soda or milk instead of water?”. The kid went ahead and did the experiment. Now tell me as you can you compare such a kid with even the researches done in our High School? We have a long way to go to generate knowledge!

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