UCC Begins Move To Block Counterfeit Mobile Phones

UCC Boss Godfrey Mutabazi

UCC Boss Godfrey Mutabazi says no sim cards will register in fake mobile phones
UCC Boss Godfrey Mutabazi says no sim cards will register in fake mobile phones

The move to deny counterfeit mobile phones that have previously not subscribed to any network by The Uganda Communication Commission took effect on Friday, the first day of February.

The communications body is in the process of ridding the country of fake mobile phones that will be carried out in four phases according to a statement on the UCC website.

According to the UCC boss, Eng. Godfrey Mutabazi, a new automatic system has been put in place that ensures sim cards inserted in fake mobile phones do not register.

Below is the full statement from UCC that includes the phases the body will take to eliminate the fake mobile phones.

The Uganda Communications Commission (UCC) has embarked on the implementation of a project that aims at the gradual elimination of counterfeit mobile phones from the Ugandan market. A consultative document on the planned implementation process of the project has been posted onto the UCC website (Click here to view the document) to which stakeholders are invited to provide comments. The consultative document shall also be availed in the newspapers shortly.

This project shall be implemented in four phases as follows:


During this Phase consumers will be able to check the status of their phones using one or both of the following mechanisms:

The internet application which is accessible on the UCC website httpss://www.ucc.co.ug/details.php?option=imei. Once you log in, follow the prompts specified in the application.

The SMS application: Type the IMEI (or serial number) of your phone and send it as an SMS to 8883 (using any network at a nominal fee of not more than 100/=). You will receive an instant response indicating the status of the IMEI as well as the model and manufacturer to which the IMEI is ascribed.  To know the IMEI of your phone, press *#06#

Consumers are advised to immediately verify the legitimacy of their mobile phones using the above two avenues.


During this phase, new counterfeit mobile phones that have previously not subscribed to any network shall be denied access to all networks. The proposed date for the implementation of this phase is January 31, 2013.


During this phase, all counterfeit mobile phones, including the ones that have already subscribed to a network, shall be disconnected. The proposed date for the implementation of this step is July 1, 2013.


During this phase, the Commission shall review the outcomes of the project relating to the implementation of the project and issues to do with e-Waste management and cloning of IMEIs. Proposals for the handling of various issues in this phase are still under consideration.


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4 thoughts on “UCC Begins Move To Block Counterfeit Mobile Phones

  1. The move is ill advised, Telco companies in Uganda re some of the top tax payers and by blocking “fake” phones, you are depriving the nation billions of taxes as consumers with “fake” phones will not be easily encouraged to purchase genuine hand held devices because of the price tags. Companies providing services should in turn provide free phones to the consumers. The consumer already paid taxes on the “fake” phones, where was the government regulatory body when such “fake” devices were imported into the country? How do consumers determine a fake phone from a genuine one? Why are they fake when they are right now working? Mobile money biz will be effected and tax collected will be reduced as well. vendors who imported these “fake: phones and paid taxes will lose money. The move does not make economic sense for URA and the common mwanainchi!

  2. Mr. Mutabazi my friend, I will sue the Govt for fraud in receiving taxes on fake goods and Charge you personally in a criminal Court for corruptly aiding selected phone companies and for causing financial loss to Govt as much money will be spent on a venture that does not benefit the Govt in any way!!!
    Who is corruptly paying you to do this?

    1. @facebook-100000235843515:disqus , I hope other people see it the way we look at it, some Indians who were importing computers manged to deceive Uganda in stopping used computer going to Uganda, yet the US manufactures computers and used computers are still on the market, and Uganda which does not manufacture even a needle bans them. I think they better reconsider this self destruction approach on the “fake” phones that have been working for years

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