Uganda’s Victor Ochen Nominated For Nobel Peace Prize

Victor Ochen, the youngest ever African to be nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize is joining the campaign to help make the Global Goals for Sustainable Development famous across northern Uganda. 


He will be raising a flag representing Goal 16 – Peace and Justice, demonstrating his commitment to victims of war and campaigning for a peaceful Africa.

On 25th September 2015 at the United Nations Headquarters in New York, 193 world leaders will commit to a series of ambitious targets to achieve 3 extraordinary things in the next 15 years.

End poverty, fight inequality & injustice, fix climate change.

Founded by Richard Curtis, the Global Goals campaign aims to reach 7 billion people in 7 days.

If people and politicians know and care about what has been promised, it greatly increases the chance of the Goals being implemented.


To support the ambition to ‘Tell Everyone’, 17 flags representing the 17 goals will be distributed to some of the most iconic places around the world alongside communities which stand to benefit the most from the implantation of the Global Goals.

Victor Ochen, a champion for victims of war, has committed to help ‘Tell Everyone’ about the Global Goals in northern Uganda by raising the flag for Goal 16, ‘Peace and Justice’ the goal he is most passionate about.

On 24th September, he will lead a march of thousands of people in northern Uganda before celebrating the raising of the flag.

Speaking on Victor’s support for the Global Goals campaign Richard Curtis said,

“We are thrilled to announce the support of Victor Ochen for the Global Goals campaign and our mission to make the Goals famous. Victor is planning to shine a spotlight on the Goals in such a fantastic and significant way in northern Uganda. We need everyone to get behind Victor and our campaign’s mission to help us tell everyone, everywhere on the planet about the Goals, because if you don’t know about your rights, you can’t fight for them. If we can get the Goals into people’s hearts and minds, we really can be the first generation that ends extreme poverty, the most determined to tackle inequalities and the last to live with the effects of climate change.”

Speaking on the Goals Victor Ochen said,

“Peace is a precondition to development and without it, none of the goals will be sustainable. The commitment to the Global Goals should be more than just an announcement, because we have a population that is fed-up of life suffering; and peace is not only important but its expected and so is justice.”

“This commitment to the Global Goals should be a moment to think beyond government, and focus on community itself and create partnerships and engagement at all levels. I am happy to be part of making sure everyone around the world is involved in the Global Goals, and we will need a movement mind-set to create a platform for local change”.

Victor is asking the public to join him on his march on September 24th.

The march will take place through Lira Town in northern Uganda and culminate at Barlonyo Massacre Burial Site, a post conflict community where displaced people continue to search for justice.

Here a monumental welcome celebration of the Global Goals will take place with the raising of the flag.

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