UNFORGETABLE! Ministers, MPs Who Rocked 9th House Named

Parliament of the Republic of Uganda

The deputy speaker Jacob Oulanyah on Thursday last week bid farewell to MPs and ministers.

Parliament of the Republic of Uganda
Parliament of the Republic of Uganda

This was after the house had finished passing several municipalities.

He told the members that; “Honorable members I wish you well in all your endeavors right after here. The house is hereby adjourned sine die until further notice.”

This statement left some members who have been sleeping in parliament with teary eyes as it meant that only those successful members will have the chance to dine again in parliament.

Oulanyah’s statement therefore brings us to the topic of the day in which we bring out several members and ministers whose names will remain on the record. READ ON.


On December 18/2012, this girl from Butaleja controversially lost her life.

Fallen Former Butaleja MP Cerinah Nebanda
Fallen Former Butaleja MP Cerinah Nebanda

The police said she died of massive weed tough the speaker Rebecca Kadaga came out and rubbished this report, saying she knows the behavior of all her members.

However, Nebanda was among the controversial group in NRM.

Even when she died, she continued with such controversies because of the allegations that followed he demise.

Some members claimed she was simply poisoned. Her death left several members hiding in the bush because police wanted to arrest them for opposing the police report on the girl’s death.

Indeed, Nebanda left a mark as the first legislator whose body was brought to parliament twice.

Not even the bodies of former heads of states had ever been laid in state twice! Her body was first brought to parliament but because of controversies on what exactly killed her, the members resolved that before they would go ahead with paying a tribute to her, part of her body parts needed to be cut off and be taken to South Africa for further examinations. To majority of them, Nebanda was poisoned.


The vice president cannot be forgotten on this list. The respected man from Kyanamukaaka will never forget this ending parliament.

VP Edward Kiwanuka Ssekandi
VP Edward Kiwanuka Ssekandi

It was the first time to hear a vice president losing his belongings in parliament chambers.

This was the time parliament was handling the chaotic debate into oil bribes.

Ssekandi nearly lost his glasses too after unknown MPs stole his documents from his wallet during a plenary sitting.

So smart they were, the members didn’t even spare his coins. He reported the matter to internal affairs to investigate but to date; it is not known where the case ended.

Ssekandi; since then whenever he comes to parliament sits closure to feared people like Janet Museveni and Moses Ali but with a strict eye on his belongings.

Actually, this partly explains why parliament had to procure spy cameras


The youth MP western is still an icon in the minds of Ugandans.

He is the first MP to stand on the floor seeking for the arrest, detention and stepping aside of powerful ministers in Museveni’s government.

Western Youth MP Gerald Karuhanga
Western Youth MP Gerald Karuhanga

This was after he tabled controversial documents pinning former Prime Minister Amama Mbabazi, UN president/foreign affairs minister Sam Kahamba Kutesa and Hillary Onek accusing them of having feasted on billions of oil bribes.

The matter caused a stir in parliament and eventually, it went to court.

On reaching court, parliament was fined shs13bn in costs. This ruling was historical because it had never happened before.


The minister for disaster preparedness now is also one person whose actions cannot be forgotten especially among the media fraternity.

Minister Hilary Onek
Minister Hilary Onek

He is the first minister of internal affairs to order and also oversee the closure of several print media organizations at once because of publishing hot stories.

During his reign as internal affairs boss, his men [police] raided The Pepper Publications in Namanve and closed it down for two weeks.

The same was done to Namuwongo-based Monitor publications. T

he two media houses were accused of publishing hot stories regarding renegade general David Sejusa who had then fled the country after penning a hot dossier claiming that Museveni was grooming his son Muhoozi to succeed him.

He also claimed that there was a plot to assassinate all those in government and in the army who were opposed to this Muhoozi project.


The minister for education, science, technology and sports is also on this list. She is the first minister to suffer a break-into her office by thugs.

Education and Sports Minister Jessica Alupo
Education and Sports Minister Jessica Alupo

This was a year ago when unknown goons climbed the steps of Development house where her ministry is situated and forced selves into her office on seventh floor.

Upon reaching the office, the goons went straight to where she sits and vandalized office documents, carpets and computers.

Before they left, the goons even dug a huge hole in her office which still stands up to now. Interestingly, no report into this mess is yet out according to snoops.


The former prime minister is now a presidential candidate.

He made a record when he landed president Museveni into a political trap by convincing him to file a joint affidavit with him in court against NRM rebel MPs.

John Patrick Amama Mbabazi
John Patrick Amama Mbabazi

This affidavit meant that as NRM party chairman, Museveni was going to break the record and appear before judges to answer questions regarding NRM rebel MPs.

Mbabazi at that time was the NRM SG. Prior to trapping the president, the man from Kanungu had succeeded in convincing NRM CEC to fire the four NRM rebels.

So funny though is that, Mbabazi is now hobnobbing with the rebels while Museveni is struggling to bring them back after falling into that political trap.

Mbabazi has since declared a political war on Museveni even without having first sorted that mess he made the president to land into.


The MP for Bujenje County will go in the Guinness book of records as the first minister to lose her lucrative cabinet job because of alleged possession of ‘long fingers’.

Kabakumba Matsiko
Kabakumba Matsiko

The minister from Bunyoro was made to lose her juicy cabinet job as presidency minister after detectives pinned her on alleged stealing of a national broadcaster-UBC’s mast and microphone.

She was actually the first casualty for the CID boss Grace Akullo’s reign in this post.

The NRM caucus met at Entebbe where members resolved that Kabakumba shouldn’t waste anyone’s time but resign from government infront of her husband Col. Henry Masiko.

The couple religiously did as the cause ordered the following day.


These giants followed Kabakumba Masiko. Their cases were similar to that of Kabakumba though for them, they didn’t steal physical items.


In other words, they did their thing intellectually because it is because of their pen that the tax payer lost shs169bn to bogus compensations they made to city tycoon Hassan Basajjabalaba.


The state minister for youth now was on record for having played a mega role in the history of Uganda.

She is actually, the reason former Prime Minister Amama Mbabazi is currently in a political misery of sorts.

NRM legislators endorsed a resolution tabled by Evelyn Anita, the Northern Ugandan Youth MP to front Museveni as the sole party candidate in the 2016 general elections.
NRM legislators endorsed a resolution tabled by Evelyn Anita, the Northern Ugandan Youth MP to front Museveni as the sole party candidate in the 2016 general elections.

Anite made news when she knelt before NRM caucus chaired by Museveni at Kyankwanzi and asked the caucus members to pass a resolution declaring Museveni as NRM sole candidate for 2016.

Immediately she moved this motion, the paper was circulated around for members to sign on it.

The prime target was however, former Prime Minister Mbabazi who reluctantly signed the motion after two days of pressure on him to sign.

By the time he left Kyankwanzi, he had been a bruised man. To date, NRM is using this motion to counter Mbabazi saying that he also ‘signed the Kyankwanzi’ resolution.

Mbabazi has since deserted NRM and he is standing as an independent. Our sources told us that actually, this deal was first given to [then security minister] Muruli Mukasa to move this motion but he chickened out until Anite was sought for and she finally executed the mission for the president.


The MP for Kyaddondo East will live to curse the day he was used as a precedent when he was evicted from parliament.

Kyadondo East MP Ibrahim Ssemujju Nganda
Kyadondo East MP Ibrahim Ssemujju Nganda

This was on orders of deputy speaker Jacob Oulanyah. The house had sat to consider the public order management bill [now an Act].

SSemujju tried to resist its passing but Oulanya ordered his forceful eviction from the chambers.

He was lifted and thrown out like a bag of irish potatoes. On this same note, Samuel Odonga Otto grabbed the parliamentary mace and also the order paper and tore them in parliament.


Anyone who has been following events in parliament will not forget this man from Tororo County.

Hon Ekanya Geoffrey, MP Tororo County
Hon Ekanya Geoffrey, MP Tororo County

Just last week, he shocked everyone when he stood on the floor and played comedy in form of committing suicide on the floor.

This was at the time the house was handling the issue of districts.

Ekanya stood to the floor and started undressing.

After that, he grabbed his necktie, tied it around his neck and declared that he was going to commit suicide all in the name of demanding for a district.

By the time he was saved by fellow members, foam had started coming out of his mouth.

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