Hanson Baliruno

We have for time known that the best gospel artists in Uganda are Pastor Wilson Bugembe, Judith Babirye, Silver Kyagulangi and many more. There is a new kid on the block.

Hanson Baliruno
Hanson Baliruno

Growing without parents, resorting to God was the way to go for Hanson Baliruno.

Born in 1988,   Hanson lost his Dad at the age of four months. Six of his siblings also died. This was a sad moment for Hanson.

At the age of seven he stared singing in the church and at the age of 12, Hanson had started up a church which had many followers.

Due to the great talent that Hanson had, he started singing at International gospel shows at the age of 15.

Hanson has performed in countries like Germany, Denmark, Netherlands, Austria and Sweden.

In 2009 he officially became a recording artist and at the beginning of 2010 he had a successful show at Garden City Rooftop.

After the show which was deemed successful, Judith Babirye decided to recruit him in his musical band where he is up to now.

He has recorded songs with artists like Judith Babirye, Samalie Matovu and Danjero Busuulwa.

Hanson is now in Europe where he is furthering both his studies and music carrier.

This year he was nominated for the best Gospel singer award in the Scandinavia. He will be battling it out with artists from Ghana, Gambia and Nigeria.

Hanson will on October 6, perform on the same stage with one of Africa’s best Lingala Artist Awilolongomba at the Cruise in Sweden

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